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Graceland to go on the Auction Block

UK Daily Mail

Graceland, the former home and burial site of the legendary Elvis Presley, is set to be sold off at a foreclosure auction this Thursday. 

According to a legal notice published this month, Graceland and surrounding land on Elvis Presley Boulevard will be auctioned off for cash to the highest bidder at Shelby County Courthouse on May 23, as per WREG-TV News

Elvis’ granddaughter, actress Riley Keough, 34, who is the current owner of Graceland, is challenging the sale with a lawsuit, claiming it is ‘fraudulent.’ More

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  1. My kids wanted to go there back in early 2000’s so we did! We all wore headsets start to finish so it was a total experience. The upstairs was said permanently closed out of respect to Elvis and the family. I know it’s somewhat small and tacky but he was really great. So glad its on the National Register. Some hero should come to the rescue, not some foreigner. They need a good lawyer quick!

  2. My kids always learned about Elvis in their school libraries, kid-appropriate biographies. They also were fans of Michael Jackson the subject of similar bios. Not My Two Mom’s or My Two Dad’s or Dragqueen stories!

    Kids wanted to go there and I was ho hum but thoroughly enjoyed the experience with the headphones. A large racquetball court place with extra sleeping quarters, wings on back of house and at end we toured across the street the cars and the Lisa Marie, went through that!

  3. I wouldn’t doubt this is fraudulent. Several times after family died, including my mother, creeps crawled out of the mud claiming money was owed for all sorts of nonsense. The attorneys always found the claims to be false and the creeps crawled back into their mud holes. These were just ordinary people and not well to do celebrities.

  4. I went there in about 1990. It rated a big “so what?” from me except that his parents were buried in the back yard (and his twin brother if I recall).

    What does make it interesting is that the Grace in Graceland was opera singer Grace Moore who also died at a young age (48) in a plane crash.

    Lisa Marie died at age 54. I think an argument could be made that Graceland is not good for the owner’s health.


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