Iranians Overjoyed – He Dead – IOTW Report

Iranians Overjoyed – He Dead

Fireworks and Celebrations at News of The Death of the Butcher of Tehran.

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  1. Good riddance to that dumb mother fvcker
    Everyone please accept my apologies for my bad foul mouthed language but in this case it is truly warranted.

  2. He couldn’t have been any worse than Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – he had some strange ideas about the Mahdi and the world wide caliphate. The speech at Columbia Univ where he said there were no gays in Iran, now that was hilarious.

  3. Now do:

    BillyBoiBoBobBabaBoiBoi Bill ‘Fruitcake’ Gates
    FuichiFuiciFakieFauchiFuchFuch Tony ‘Gain of Fucktion’ Fauci
    HillsOfBellsThunderWonderSmellsThighBone Hillary ‘Baby Eater’ Clinton

  4. When one of them is culled from the planet it is a good thing. High position or low, casual through fanatic, all moslems represent an existential threat to all non moslems at all times. Thus, any time one is eliminated is a good time.


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