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RIP Jim Otto

Jim Otto, long of the Raiders, has passed away.  He was a one-of-a-kind, a veritable legend.  He never missed a game due to injuries, “210 consecutive regular-season games and 308 straight total contests”.  Fifty knee surgeries during his career evidently didn’t face him even a little.

And I loved the way he stuck his thumb in officialdom’s eye with his jersey number.  The NFL declared that no one could have the number zero, so, in a play on his name, he used double-zero, aught-oh. – Uncle Al

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  1. I read an article about 30 years ago detailing how difficult it was for him to get his day going after he wakes up each morning. Guy was a stud compared bro today’s playing going on the injured list for grass stains.

  2. Jim Otto, Lyle Alzado and a few other Raiders use to occasionally work out at a gym I belonged to back in the day. A couple those guys, including Otto, were scary strong. Alzado, not so much. And he was the guy juicing all the time. In fact that’s what killed him

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