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Kid Gets Bullied Into Suicide

Parents in Indiana shared the horrible news that their son, who was bullied relentlessly at school, took his own life earlier this month.

On May 5, fourth-grader Sammy Teusch died.

No information has been given about the manner of death, only that it was a suicide.

The Greenfield Police Department and the Greenfield-Central Community School Corporation are participating in the investigation.

The final straw was after Sammy was assaulted on the school bus and surrounded in the school restroom. According to Father Sam Teusch, he found the lifeless body of his youngest son when he woke up on a Sunday morning.

According to Teusch, Sammy had endured bullying “for a long time.” The youngsters started picking on him for his glasses, but then they moved on to make fun of his teeth.

According to him, he contacted the school for what seemed like the twentieth time and they were aware that this was happening. As time went on, it became worse.

The school said staff members worked with the Teusch family “quite a bit over the last 18 months.”

Officers are unable to provide details due to the involvement of minors, according to Police Chief Brian Hartman.

There have been “rumors,” he said, and “some naming of children.”

He warned against that whisper campaign.

Where the hell was he when the kid was being bullied?

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  1. Terrible what happened, but what kind of parents complains 20 times, and then keep sending the kid back to the clearly fucked up school? Clearly, they didn’t take the kid seriously either.

  2. Unless it is something horrendous such as misgendering a trans kids, schools don’t do squat about bullying until the kid being bullied fights back. Then the kid who fights back is in just as much trouble as the kids who does the bullying.

    I do remember a video from probably 15-20 years ago where this little kids is being bullied by a bigger kids, then the smaller kid picks up the bigger kid and body slams him onto the ground. A very satisfying video.

    TheMule: good point. Maybe they had no other options.

    When my son was young, kids used to try to beat up on him. Now I never nominated my son for sainthood, but he never, absent extraordinary circumstances, hit first. I DID, however, know he had a mouth that would make someone want to hit him first. I finally convinced the head of his daycare that I did not expect my son to get the crap beat out of him just to avoid ruffling the director’s feathers. I told her that I would deal with the smart mouth, but she was to deal with the kids beating on him. We finally came to an understanding and the problems were greatly reduced.

  3. Great looking boy, actually. Parents failed to encourage a ‘thick skin’ and the temperament to fight back.

    “You got ugly buck teeth, Sammy!”

    “Fuck off, Barry Soetoro!

  4. Yeah.

    I’m a little familiar with attempted suicide, successful suicide, and finding people dead both on a professional and a highly personal level, in ways I won’t go into here because I’ve done so elsewhere on this blog, as recently as 2 days ago. But from that experience let me stop here and pray for those parents, grandparents, and all who loved that precious little one.

    Dear Lord, there are no words that can comfort those in pain of the loss of a child and no words for when that loss was senseless. This, Lord, is why I pray that You send Your Comforter to speak to those parents’ hearts, calm them in their hour of need, strengthen them to all they must do, and above all give them Your Blessed Assurance that one so innocent is now with you in Paradise, where no word or deed can hurt him ever again.

    In the merciful name of Jesus we pray,

    …those of you who have been here awhile know that I had a son born less than perfect. My son was born with a cleft lip and palate, much to the surprise of us all, and has had to deal with it his while life. We did all the surgeries, years and years of them, but in elementary school the scars were visible and the children were cruel, and this only got worse with age, and worse still as our neighborhood changed character when they collapsed the Projects and Section 8’d the denizens up the bus line…and we were on the bus line.

    Needless to say, the mockery, insults, and bullying got intense. And being a White boy, he wasn’t allowed to fight back. We went to the school and were told “those children’s parents won’t talk to us”, but that was OK because, Black. The school would not discipline “those children” because, Black. Anything my son said or did in his own defense had immediate disciplinary repercussions because, White. We tried to stick it out awhile, tried to bring change, contacted the State, got a lawyer, but at the end of the day we had to pull him out to a school miles away to get his diploma.

    I KNOW how the bullying goes.

    And I KNOW who’s doing it.

    And I KNOW why the school won’t fix it, from that experience.

    They left out that part here, as they always do, because, politics.

    And now a child is dead because of it.

    …no, I don’t have the words to make it better. I can’t say if those parents should have done anything differently, if they COULD have done anything differently. As I said, it was quite a struggle getting ANYWHERE with these folks, and they are unwilling, unable. or both to do anything about it. I’m sure those parents beat themselves up over it every day, and I think a dead son is punishment enough.

    But where does it go from here? Who DO we punish, and how?

    Kids are cruel by nature, and are only civilized by parents. If the parent teaches them only hate and “Good Trouble”, that YT is always evil and the school REINFORCES that teaching, how the HELL do we expect them to behave any DIFFERENTLY? When the MEDIA, the MOVIES, the SONGS the other children consume preach hatred and thug life, what do you THINK will happen? When the bullied child is denied his own defense, when the school administrators couldn’t do anything even if they WANTED to, when even the POLICE are cut out lest they frighten racially sensitized children, why would this SURPRISE anyone?

    “None of this makes sense”.

    No, and don’t look for sense in it.

    There is FAR too much modern politics involved, too much gaslighting, too much modern tearing down of young, White males for this to make any conventional sort of “sense”. Too much modern psychology for this to make “sense”.

    It is the way our Communist masters built it, though.

    And to them, this is the desired outcome.

    …I cannot use the words I would here in the same thread in which I offer a prayer. I cannot pray for what I would have happen to all those who did this innocent child evil, both his peers and his “educators”. Praying for evil is praying amiss, and the Lord won’t hear such prayers.

    But I pray only that His Justice be done as He would have it, and that right swiftly. That He prick the consciences of those He knows did wrong. That He turn those children who did evil around and heap His Judgement down upon the heads of those adults who He knows refused their duty.

    And may He treat such as the murderers they are.

    …I need to stop here, lest I give full vent to my boiling blood and say that which I should myself regret. Suffice to say that, had my child met the fate of this one, those who enabled it and those who caused it would soon join my son in death untimely, as many and as quickly as I could identify and reach.

    And one day, they may meet with such a parent from which they have taken EVERYTHING and has nothing left to lose but his soul, and is willing to spend THAT so he may forever grapple with his son’s tormentors in He’ll.

    One day, we may ALL be there.

    And that day may not be as far off as our “masters” think it is.

    “Vengeance Is Mine”, sayeth the Lord.

    But it may be just to send such to that vengeance by the shortest route possible.

    Or if not “Just”, it may still be necessary that others escape the same fate.


  5. I was bullied in elementary school. Nobody ever does anything. Parents should have pulled him out of that public cesspool and found him sanctuary. But they wish they had now. Only thing to do now is to hang this child’s death around the necks of the public cesspool’s administration in court.

  6. I was bullied in elementary school. Nobody ever does anything. Parents should have pulled him out of that public cesspool and found him sanctuary. Bet they wish they had now. Only thing to do now is to hang this child’s death around the necks of the public cesspool’s administration in court.

  7. In my experience, the only way to deal with a bully is to fight back. At least that’s the way it was when I was in school. Back then you might at least be afforded a modicum of respect for defending yourself. And you didn’t have to win, but if you got in a few good licks they might think the better of it next time.

  8. A lot of us were bullied. It’s what made men out of us. Mine got really bad my freshman year in high school. It ended the day I’d had enough and beat the shit out of a Varsity running back. After that I was the coolest thing on campus. But times have changed. Back then other kids would occasionally step in when things got too bad. Now they just pull out their phones and film it.
    One of my grandsons was getting picked on just about this bad. His father is not a small man. Small town, lumber town. Everyone know everyone. My son in law waited for school to let out and approached the little bastards that are a little clique. He told them either stop laying into my son or I will beat the fuck out of each of your fathers. He must have convinced them because it stopped. Here’s the kicker, my daughters a teacher at that very school and had been telling the principle and vice principle it had to stop. No help. So the day after my son in law had his little meeting the principle approached my daughter about it. My daughter stopped her mid sentence and told her she was given the opportunity to put and end to the bullying. Told her she had done nothing, but now it’s fixed. And don’t piss my husband off because if there’s one thing he’s good at is fucking shit up.

    This story is heartbreaking. Where the fuck were the parents?

  9. When their policy is -“there’s no excuse for any violence” when you fight back, it leaves the victim with a sense of Injustice this being incorporated into the whole system.
    The results are what we see here or they take it out on the school with deadly force.

  10. Brad
    FRIDAY, 17 MAY 2024, 15:03 AT 3:03 PM

    “He told them either stop laying into my son or I will beat the fuck out of each of your fathers.”

    …wasn’t an option in my case. Not a father in sight, and I’m not sure it would teach the kid anything to beat up his crack-addled welfare mother who he probably hates anyway.

    And like I said, the school was quick to bring the hammer down when my kid tried to respond appropriately, but never would for his tormentors. May have had something to do with the Black principle who hated me personally, or maybe not, since Black kids generally were not punished in that rapidly darkening school. That and other things was why we tried lawyers, but that shit is EXPENSIVE and it takes a LOT of lawyering to bring Federal Civil Rights charges all the way through the courts and there sure as hell weren’t any lawyers willing to take up a White boy on contingency even 15 odd years ago, so I’m guessing the less so now…

  11. SNS
    That’s a whole new ball game there and quite honestly I wouldn’t know how to manage it. But in general the school systems automatically protect the shit disturbers these days. I don’t get it. I’m certainly glad I’m past that stage in my life. I raised two alpha male boys back in the late 80’s and 90’s. Even back then it seemed like they were after them. Like it was predetermined they were the trouble makers. In retrospect we should have gotten our oldest boy out and put him in a private school.

  12. Bullied… no, I did not have any physical issues when i was a kid, but i was the smartest kid in the room with no external support or understanding how to deal with the bullies…

    So I focused on my love of learning, doing my best to ignore all the idiots around me, family included.

    Because of my focus I am now a successful Software Engineer with my own family.

    I could have been this kid, as I had only myself to pull up my bootstraps. I’m guessing the only reason I survived was that my elementary school had no racial issues – suburb in the late ’70’s, so the bullying was less intense.

    May the Lord help the young, isolated and bullied children through their strife to become strong and successful adults. And may the Lord grant forgiveness to the troubled child’s spirit and his family.

  13. I learned early. At nearly 8 years old an older neighbor kid beat me over with his die cast toy pistol (well before plastic pistols). I cried as, blood dripped from my head, and went home. Dad was at the screen door and locked it. He said, “Stop your crying and go beat him up, if you want to come home.” There were no other choices. I did what I was told. I learned early, take care of yourself, no one else will.
    Side note, the kid and his family became good friends with our family.

  14. Why does ANY PARENT willingly hand their children over to the government monopoly day prison system every morning? What ADDITIONAL horrors must be seen before parents wake up?

  15. In my grand kids’ public school, bullying seems to be down but misbehavior is still up. The school has an anti-bullying program at the start of every school year. Seems to be working.

    I never experienced bullying as a kid, always being the biggest kid in the class, but I witnessed some and always tried to stop it as most of the kids were my friends, including those doing the bullying. But there wasn’t much since we all played so much together outside of school, we were all very familiar with each other. Interesting how that works.

    I raised two sons, an neither of them were bullied or did any bullying, to my knowledge. I remember lecturing them extensively to “just tell ’em to knock it off!” like you mean it. And both know how to fight. 🙂

  16. Most of us were bullied, but it usually stops when you finally fight back. I wasn’t the biggest kid around, but the bullying stopped when I’d finally had enough, the adrenelin kicked in and I almost tossed the bully out of the open 2nd floor window. I had him up on the ledge one push away and gathered my wits. That ended the bullying. This was also back in the 60s when nobody cried and whined about stuff!

    However what this story really makes me think about is the kids today and what society is doing to them from all the vaccines to this so-called gender “affirmation”.
    “Oh we need to do this to prevent suicides” HORSE SHIT!
    There are going to be a lot more suicides when these kids finally realize they were turned into mutants for the rest of their lives and there is nothing they can do about it, but as many who kill themselves, there will be some, maybe a lot more, who are pissed off and out for blood targeting the doctors, teachers and social workers who did this to them… and it won’t be pretty nor should it be! Bullying is one thing, but having your liberal teachers go all Josef Mengele on you is unthinkable!! Mark my words, the Left is trying their damndest to fuk up the next generation!

  17. Harry,

    With the culture being as it is today, I am guessing there will be more retribution attempts than suicides. And as bad as I feel for the confused children, I won’t cry once for any of the medical, social worker, or parents who will be at the receiving end of the children’s rage.

  18. When I was in junior high school I had the only attempted bullying encounter of my entire school life with a mountainous (seemed to me!) black chick who, while walking in the hallway toward me and gesticulating to her friends with her afro comb hit me in the head with it and the comb got knocked out of her hand(by my hard head. Lol). She started screeching at me to pick it up and I told her to pick up herself and continued walking and thinking “this might be how I die”. She kept screeching and threatening to beat me up after school. I went straight to a black student with whom I was school friends and I knew to be a black belt raised in a tough part of St. Louis, MO. Told him what happened and he said not to worry and he would have a word with her.

    She avoided me, thereafter, like the black plague. 😂 He never would tell me what he told her but whatever it was I thanked my lucky stars I had him as a friend. I found out later that he went into law enforcement which did not surprise me.

  19. Well, I was bullied, but I bullied others too. Some things I did to others make me blanche when I think about them.

    Getting bullied myself was some type of payback or karma or something from God, like WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO OTHERS WILL ALSO BE DONE TO YOU.

    I’ve been everything in my life: good guy, bad guy, hero, asshole, kind, cruel, insulting, coldhearted, warmhearted, insensitive, caring, smart, dumb…just about everything a person can be.

    I have asked and still ask God for forgiveness.


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