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Kevin Morris Allegedly Retires as Hunter Biden’s Sugar Brother


Kevin Morris, Hunter Biden’s sugar brother and Hollywood lawyer, will allegedly quit shelling out money for Hunter’s legal defense, Morris confirmed Thursday.

Morris’s decision to stop bankrolling Hunter comes just weeks before Hunter is scheduled to stand trial for alleged gun violations.

Morris is a key individual in the Biden family orbit. He donated to President Joe Biden’s 2020 presidential campaign and helped Hunter enter the art business, a market known for corruption. Morris took control of Hunter’s ten percent stake in a Chinese state-backed fund, BHR Partners, as Breitbart News first reported in April 2023. BHR Partners has about $3 billion currently invested around the world, its website says.

“The reason Kevin got involved financially in the first place was that he could see that no one was going to help Hunter,” a person close to Morris told Politico. “Now, four and a half years later, there’s still no help — and now Kevin is completely tapped out. So just when Hunter is facing two criminal trials starting in a few weeks, he has no resources. It’s pretty dire.” more

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  1. No one is there to help Hunter? I don’t know about that; Merrick Garland comes to mind.

    I suggest that the reason Morris is going to stop helping Hunter is because Morris know that The Big Guy (TM) is toast and there is no benefit for anyone helping anyone named Biden. In fact, it may very well be detrimental to one’s help to help a Biden at this point other than to give cursory lip service.

  2. Crooks, Liars, Bullshitters, Pants Shitters, money launderers, Druggies, Dealers, Hookers, Perverts, Assholes, Crazies from the Island of Misfit Toyz, Men who think they’re women, women who think they’re androgynous and so on and so forth! What a fukked up “Administration”!


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