Bill Whittle or Not, I Like This Response

February 22, 2018 BFH 17

I have no idea whether this is a real exchange with Bill Whittle, but until we know I’m going to say it isn’t. Regardless, I like what is said here by the author, no matter who they are. ht/ nm

This Anti-Gun Operation Backfire is ahead of schedule

February 22, 2018 MJA 9

PATRIOT RETORT:  Yesterday I explained what I call Operation Backfire. Whether it’s Operation Destroy Trump or or Operation Kill the Tax Bill or Operation Ban Guns, the Left always ends up with Operation Backfire.   In short, the Left’s attempts to advance any of their [Read More]

Canadian Judge Makes Ruling on the FHRITP Case

February 22, 2018 BFH 10

What is FHRITP? It’s an acronym shouted by people acting like adolescent rebels. It’s in the same vein as Baba Booey. It stands for F— her right in the P—–. It was funny maybe once, because of its clumsy redundancy. A guy shouted it out [Read More]

Obama Holdover At VA Fighting An Internal Rebellion

February 22, 2018 Dr. Tar 13

Veterans Affairs Secretary, David Shulkin has been feeling the heat this week as questionable travel allowances arose for an 11-day European trip with his wife that mixed business with pleasure. Shulkin has apologized for the trip and declared his intention not to resign and reassuring all [Read More]

He Had A Right To A Free Public Education

February 22, 2018 Dr. Tar 14

Broward County school administrators admit now that the Parkland school shooter, Nikolas Cruz,  was transferred numerous times between special schools then back to  a traditional school during his time in their system. Legally, they couldn’t expel him despite the numerous documented incidents of “profanity, disobedience, [Read More]

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