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Maxwell On Suicide Watch

June 27, 2022 MJA 9

Pacific Pundit: It’s been awhile since anyone has said this, but it must be said again…Ghislaine Maxwell didn’t kill herself. Over one hundred days since Maxwell was convicted and now [Read More]

They Got Greedy.

June 27, 2022 MJA 14

The liberals had it all. Abortion was legal everywhere, gay people were getting married, and there were tons of gun laws on the books. It was lefty heaven. Then they [Read More]

Tube Snake Boogie

June 27, 2022 MJA 16

There’s two songs almost guaranteed when the first few notes ring out at a weekend southern barbecue or fish fry that will even get grandma to set down her red [Read More]

Captain Creeper

June 26, 2022 MJA 10

Joe Biden arrived in Germany for the G7 Summit this weekend. These clips are from his arrival on Saturday night in Munich, Germany.

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