Garland Texas mass-murder plotter found GUILTY!

March 22, 2018 MJA 9

Geller Report: CONVICTED: North Carolina Muslim who plotted to assassinate Pamela Geller and commit mass murder at free speech event in Texas found GUILTY of recruiting for the Islamic State. Erick Jamal Hendricks plotted to kill Pamela Geller and hundreds who attended AFDI’s free speech [Read More]

basic anti-gun twins

March 21, 2018 MJA 19

Patriot Retort: Anti-Gun Teens claim the NRA is “basically” threatening them. I want to thank the anti-gun Parkland kids personally for encouraging me to renew my lapsed membership to the National Rifle Association. My new membership card came in the mail yesterday and I owe [Read More]

Robert Mueller is Unclean

March 21, 2018 MJA 13

DC: Fox News host Sean Hannity devoted time on his Tuesday show to examining the past of special counsel Robert Mueller and his findings were intriguing. Hannity referred to a report from Fox News’ Sarah Carter citing Mueller’s career as a prosecutor in the 1980s. [Read More]

Wray Defends McCabe Firing

March 21, 2018 MJA 4

Daily Caller: FBI Director Christopher Wray gave an exclusive interview to NBC News on Wednesday defending the process used to fire former deputy director Andrew McCabe. The FBI’s Office of Personal Responsibility recommended the bureau fire McCabe last week and, several days later, Attorney General [Read More]

They Knew: Another fatal FBI fumble in Florida

March 21, 2018 MJA 10

THEY KNEW. Michelle Malkin: A sickening act of youth violence in Florida glinted across the news headlines last week, and then disappeared from view. There will be no CNN town halls or student walkouts over the lost life and preventable tragedy, because there are no [Read More]

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