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Hillary Clinton’s problem is that the camera doesn’t lie

Hillary bad teeth

CityJournal: Hillary Clinton knows she’ll never be elected president if she can’t figure out a way to win your affection. The problem is, even with a quarter-century of “public service” under her belt, Hillary can’t seem to connect with the average American.

Now, with Vice President Joe Biden making noises about jumping into the race for the Democratic nomination, the likeability issue has taken on added urgency for the Clinton campaign. For all his faults as a candidate, Biden is a pretty likeable guy. Hillary’s team knows what the likeability issue could do to her in a primary fight, which is probably why they were hoping to lock things up early. more


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  1. I speak only for myself, but it’s just too late to prove likability.

    Hitlery lost me with that snippy comment about staying home and baking cookies during the 1992 campaign season. I read a sense of superiority between the lines, as in, “I’m this brilliantly glamorous career woman, and full-time homemakers are frumpy, stupid, unmotivated losers.”

    Insult my mother, bitch, and you do so at your own risk. My mother died in 2002, and I consider my continuing contempt for HRC to be part of the ongoing memorialization of my mom.

  2. You can’t hide your true nature forever. You can hide it for a while, and your sycophants will always adore you, but for normal people and dogs, they eventually see through the bullshit.

    The skank got thrown off the Rodino committee, for pity’s sake!

    She was considered too foul for lawyers! Think about that.

    When the turds throw you out of the cesspool, you’re pretty fucking rancid.

  3. It’s really hard to imagine anyone thinking that she is thinking of anyone but herself, in her $12,000+ JACKET and other over the top expenditures.

    We are struggling, and few in the elite Washington DC ELYSIUM, government can even begin to empathize. They exempt themselves of having to join the peons they rule.

    Urinate (sorry, my mom would kill me, if I were to use a crasser term) on her. I know Trump is rich, and always has been, but even though he had a better head start than most, he still knows what it is to hire, fire, maintain a budget, and has for the most part, not sucked the government (that’s us) dry. Plus, he has not been responsible for the death of anyone, that we know of (and I’m certain that if there was an inkling, the MSM whores would be all over it).

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