10 Minute Break 🤪 – IOTW Report

10 Minute Break 🤪

The Best Pets of the Year (So Far).
Also, Happy Birthday to PHenry!

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  1. Actually, PHenry is one of those people here who used to make me laugh. But lately, she seems kinda bitchy and fed-up with people and politics. Why I hope it’s nothin’ I said. But I’m worried about her. You know, lately, people have been tellin’ me that old people like me should get happier as they get older. So, I’ve been concentratin’ on being happy with everythin’… like Joe and Hunter Biden, stolen elections, open borders and pedofilers in our schools and such. I’m just real happy walkin’ around the house saying things like “They can go blow their stink off the planet!” and “Slaughter the muthafuchen!” That there makes me real happy thinkin’ bout it. I think Pea, deary, you should try that to feel better, too!

  2. I once dated a beautiful woman with jet black hair and green eyes like that cat biting the woman’s hand. She was so stunning you couldn’t stand to look at her too long without feeling faint.


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