5 ‘Stunning and Brave’ break opponent’s leg – IOTW Report

5 ‘Stunning and Brave’ break opponent’s leg

Soccer Team With 5 Trans Players Breaks Opponent’s Leg.
Salty Cracker has the deetz.

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  1. So where’s dad? If that were my daughter the opposing team would have 5 members in body casts. You know what’s wrong with our country. The very corner stone they’ve removed? Male testosterone. Go ahead and laugh, but I’m telling the truth.
    While this was going on they had some national track meet. Women’s 440 a man won by about an hour and a half. He would have placed 61st in the mens division.
    Ladies, use your noggin. Keep training, stop competing for one year. The only way you fix this.

  2. “Just because you’re a PUSSY doesn’t make you female!”

    I’m swiping that. Again, testo levels. I’ll venture to say one of these men traps a cute young athlete in the showers all alone she’s safe. Because he’s not capable of getting hard. No testo. Just another pussy as Doc says.

  3. Men with either no dads or the dads are soy filled Douches.
    They can’t make the men’s team so get on the women’s.
    How long after they graduate do they decide to be men again?

  4. It was common in ancient times for the conquering army to destroy all history and religious items. To be able to indoctrinate the population.
    How many did Mao kill in the Cultural Revolution.

    The conquering army is here, in DC.

  5. A gentleman whose daughter was injured by a man impersonating a woman to play a sport on a woman’s team could be forgiven for acting out in what might be understood to be a fit of rage.

  6. Allowing men to compete as women is another example of democrats competing with each other to make things worse. They just gotta keep lowering standards. Women need to boycott events where men show up claiming to be female. Kick ’em in the balls until they knock that shit off.


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