Bad J😄ke Friday! – IOTW Report

Bad J😄ke Friday!

With Wendy and Brock!

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  1. ^ What is the first thing I notice about women?

    Their face. And if it doesn’t intrigue me? I don’t look down.

    And I am not lying.

    (And if you’re a woman, and you believe that (as you should), you need to call me. 555-Gen-eral)

  2. In honor of my late wife Patty, What did the hamburgers name their new baby? Patty. My wife probably wouldn’t think that was funny, but I like that joke. My first-grade teacher was named Mrs. Hamburger and she was pregnant, I wonder what she named her child.

  3. Two guys in a bar discussing their Martial Arts training decide to demonstrate their skills on a little guy just drinking a beer and minding his own business. The first guy goes over to the little guy, kicks him in the head, knocks him off the stool onto the ground, then stands over him and shouts: “Karate, from Japan!”
    The little guy shakes it off and gets back on his stool and resumes drinking his beer.

    The second Martial Arts guy gets up, goes over to the little guy and delivers a crushing kick-punch to him, knocks him off the stool onto the ground, then stands over him and shouts: “Savate from France!”

    The little guy gets up, shakes it off and leaves the bar.

    “A few minutes later” (in my best French accent) while the two guys are laughing about what just happened, there is a loud, ringing WHANG! – WHANG! and they both wind up on on the floor seeing stars with the little guy standing over them screaming: “Tire Iron from Sears!”

  4. A big moron and a little moron sat on the edge of a building..
    Why did the big moron fall off and the little one didn’t??

    Because the little moron was a little more on.

  5. True story: On the Groucho Marx TV program in the 1950s, he had on a newlywed couple. Groucho asked the new wife: What did you say to your husband on your wedding night.

    She thought for a while, and then replied: Gee, that’s a hard one.

  6. Prison Guard and Inmate Conversation over a 30 year period.

    Inmate: Let me talk the Warden…he’ll realize I’m innocent.
    Prison Guard: Sure, you can talk to the Warden, I’ll schedule a meeting.

    This went on every day for 30 years. After saying the same thing over and over again, the conversation went like this, in order for both sides to save time and energy:

    Inmate: lemtakwrden – hewrelnnocnt
    Prison Guard: surtokwrdenIscedmeet

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