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Biden Checks His Watch While Iraqi Prime Minister Speaks

GP: Joe Biden on Monday held a bilateral meeting with Prime Minister Mohammed Shyaa Al-Sudani of the Republic of Iraq.

Biden’s meeting with the Iraqi PM comes a couple of days after Iran attacked Israel with drone and missile strikes.

“Our partnership is pivotal for our nations, the Middle East and the world,” said Biden.

Biden took a victory lap after Iran attacked Israel.

“In the 36 hours since, we have been coordinating a diplomatic response to seek to prevent escalation,” Biden said slurring his words. “Strength and wisdom need to be different sides of the same coin.”

He continued slurring, “As you know, Iran launched an unprecedented aerial attack against Israel and we mounted an unprecedented military effort to defend Israel.” more here

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  1. PHenry

    Come on man!!! The adults are in charge now. My answer to your question is I doubt it. If they jail Trump, like they’re trying to do right now, I think Alvin is going to be shocked at the reaction. A lot of people will be.

  2. Joey’s looking at that thing on his wrist wondering what it’s for.

    No, that’s too harsh. He’s probably just trying to figure out if it’s two forty-five or if it’s already quarter to three.

  3. I have to say to all the folks at iothereport fans that having learned all I know, I am rapidly becoming a relick. I will be 93 in November so the progressives that think the United States is no more than a rapidly prortioned dictatorship, I think this article alone is worth the justification to say we must support our Constitution and the Bill Of Rights rights we are entitled to. Under God and the founding fathers we will soon be criminalized.
    God Bless everyone reading this

  4. I just took my 87 year-old mother to see her doctor. She had to take the cognitive test. She did well, but I was reminded that one indicator test for dementia is to have the person draw a clock face and indicate the time.
    I doubt that is a watch on the demented old man’s wrist!

  5. I can’t believe, after the fiasco at the dead military arrival ceremony, that his puppet masters haven’t taken the wrist watch away from the imbecile. Unless it’s there to remind him when it’s diaper changing time.


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