Biden’s Indifference to Americans’ Plight of Soaring Food Prices Is Appalling – IOTW Report

Biden’s Indifference to Americans’ Plight of Soaring Food Prices Is Appalling

Daily Signal:

If you’re having trouble affording groceries, don’t expect sympathy from the White House.

In a recent interview, President Joe Biden was told that food prices are up more than 30% on his watch. But he casually dismissed this fact, claiming people have money to pay those elevated prices.

This doesn’t just demonstrate Biden’s tone-deafness to the plight of Americans who struggle to afford necessities like groceries; it shows his ignorance of his own administration’s data.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, average weekly paychecks have increased about $150 under Biden, or 14.1% in roughly three years. Normally, that would be cause for celebration, but not in the inflationary environment of “Bidenomics.”

Because prices have risen an average of 19.3% during Biden’s tenure, the average real, or inflation-adjusted, weekly paycheck has shrunk by about $50, or 4.4%. Today’s larger paychecks buy less, and consumers are being squeezed by higher prices everywhere.

This drop in purchasing power has many families relying on credit cards to make ends meet, pushing outstanding balances up to $1.1 trillion, even while the interest rate on that debt is at a record high. more

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  1. 30%? Oh hell no. My wife and I eat well. I do all the cooking and plan my meals that day. I know my price structure. Beef/red meat is up about 150% over 4 years ago. Any vegetable about 50%. Chicken at the minimum 100%. Cat food about 100%. Dog food the same.

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  4. Thanks to democrat indoctrination democrats will lose their jobs, their houses, their savings, and their retirements and will still adamantly support the communist party. Because of the democrat party’s control of the teacher’s unions, the typical democrat would rather lose everything and starve to death than vote for a republican. Do not stop them. Doubt me? Look at Portland and Seattle, San Francisco.

  5. Indifference my ass, it’s glee ant the increased innocent human suffering, misery and death and it is coming from the entire progressive movement.

    The fucking Satanic pieces of shit may lament the effect it has on them personally, but there isn’t a Goddamn one of them that has even rudimentary capacity for basic consideration of anyone other than themselves.

    They are progressive/Marxist/Satanists and by definition Marxists are dialectical materialists. dialectical materialism, a philosophical approach to reality derived from the writings of Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. For Marx and Engels, materialism meant that the material world, perceptible to the senses, has objective reality independent of mind or spirit.

  6. “Biden’s Indifference to Americans’ Plight of Soaring Food Prices Is Appalling”


    That’s the fucking PLAN!
    He’s not “indifferent:” he’s gleeful – happy as a monkey (or a Buttigieg) with two dicks. Never ascribe to incompetence what is clearly an act of malice.
    The man is a traitor. A liar. A pedophile. A usurper. He did not usurp that office to help America in any way, whatsoever.

    We need to wake the fuck up.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  7. Brandon has spent his adult life, except for his years at the bottom of his law school class, in politics. He knows nothing of the real either from experience or education (he’s always been too stupid to actually learn anything except Go Along To Get Along).

    And Jilly Antoinette is right. When questioned about the prioce of food and the hardship it brings, his answer was, “They have money to spend”.

  8. It has always been interesting that we see continuously all the social events in DC where caviar, Champaign, Wagyu beef, lobster and other high end groceries are offered and all prepared by world class chefs all at the taxpayer expense. All the while normal working Americans are struggling to make ends meet. And it ain’t just liberal Democrats. I’m sure the tastes of Republicans match those of Dems. If this doesn’t harken back to Marie Antoinette I don’t know what does. Truth is none of them sincerely care the struggles of normal Americans. They’re all selfish, corrupt and self-serving.

  9. Joey baby doesn’t know what’s going on.
    His puppet masters don’t care about any of us, let alone food costs.
    They keep the borders wide open so we are surrounded by chaos and have our money stolen to pay for the invaders. They don’t even mention when illegals kill Americans.
    Dirty Dems just want more power.

  10. Beachmom – Yes, you are right, he is a cardboard cut-out of a “leader” that the Socialist/Communist party apparatchiks work behind, but it’s got Biden’s name on it along with his stamp of approval. He owns it… even if he isn’t aware of it!

  11. What the HELL does HE care!?

    He thinks (and believes) he is being justifiably rewarded as the U.S. President for ALL those years of Service against the people of the United States of America of ALL colors…NOT just the Blacks.

    Now that he is coming upon his last days, he plans to take the rest of Our Nation along with him…..”I-I-I-It’s the thing….MAN!!!”

    Actions speak louder than words.

  12. I’d like to know who these people are that have seen a 14% increase in their salary since Presidentish Brainless was installed into office! My salary has increased bupkis times diddly-squat! I haven’t seen a raise in 5 years because the government decrees how much my job gets paid and not a penny more! And the local wage determination has not changed in FIVE YEARS!

  13. Yes – there is corporate greed. It’s the evil corporate parasites who feed off the top level corporate bonus structure they established that always gives them huge payouts regardless of the financial status of the corporation. They give themselves ridiculous bonuses when times are down to reward themselves on their fabulous cost savings measures (layoffs and moving production to third world shitholes) and give themselves huge stock margins right before their accountants present huge corporate profits.

  14. I don’t even call them “Democrats” anymore, they are Bolsheviks. They only clamor for “democracy” as a tool to institute one-party rule. Don’t believe me? They have already done so in almost every major city and many deep blue states. They won’t rest until all opposition parties have been crushed. Just like their ideological forebearers in Russia over 100 years ago.

  15. Up 100%, 150%, 200%, 300%. Bullshit. Food prices where I live are actually going down.
    Not very smart shoppers who go in when their hungry or don’t watch sale ads. Butt hey, communist propaganda is working full time & your buddy Vlad loves your dedication. Your mostly friendy Red commie states are hard at work quietly raising prices thru the roof, taxes, property taxes, home insurance, vehicle taxes, you name it, they’re raise it.
    Florida people are losing their homes & can’t sell em off because DeSanctus is busy fuking the last dollar out of everyone. Blame it on Biden, morons.

  16. It’s transitory
    It’s a sign of a healthy economy recovering from the pandemic
    It’s evil businesses price gouging
    It’s Trump’s fault.

    Sorry, but no. Old Joe’s attacks on oil and gas and his reckless spending led to inflation.


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