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Boutique hotel showcases dogs for adoption

Wearing a yellow vest with the words “adopt me,” a Chihuahua named Taco greets guests in the lobby of a boutique hotel.


The Aloft Asheville Downtown has partnered with a local animal shelter to showcase one dog at a time. Organizers hope that each dog will win the heart of a hotel guest and find a permanent home.

“When you go to a shelter and find multiple animals in the shelter, the six, eight or 10-year-old dog might be overlooked,” said Kim Smith, president of Charlie’s Angels Animal Rescue. “But if you come to the hotel and you walk up to the reception desk and you see a single dog, your eye is on that single dog.”

Already pet-friendly, the hotel initially partnered with Charlie’s Angels back in August for a short-term community service project. But the program exceeded expectations.  more

7 Comments on Boutique hotel showcases dogs for adoption

  1. Cute idea!
    Will they ever put up Leftists for adoption?
    I mean…AFTER they’re neutered/spayed….

  2. Life would be unbearable without a dog. Our latest is a beagle mix named Chloe who had been mistreated – got her from a shelter and it took over a year and a half for her to trust us completely. Now she’s a GREAT dog.

  3. Great idea! These abandoned, seized or neglected dogs need all the help they can get. My Sarah was ditched at a shelter in Greece with her puppies in the middle of the night. Her pups were adopted by Germans but since she was a bigger, black female her outlook was kind of bleak. I got lucky though when I ran across her photo. Everyone who gets a dog should visit their local shelter or check out rescue sites on the web first.

  4. We rescued a pup from Missouri who they found dehydrated and covered in fleas. They never found his mother.

    I’ve never had a rescue dog before, only pedigreed pups.

    He’s the light of our life!

    We figure he’s half lab and half coonhound. A brighter, more comical spirit never existed.

    It’s like he knows we took a chance on him.

    So much need out there. Listen to your heart and go for it.

    It’s changed our family and our life for the better!

  5. That is a fantastic idea, and we will never stay there. Unless we’re in the market for a dog. Because wifey would never leave without a dog that needed to be rescued.

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