1. Your ‘Another Biden Invention” (the toilet, tp rollers and pedals) is hilarious, but allow me to suggest a better caption: ” The Biden Bidet “.

  2. I say the Dumbocrats are still going to put Hillary & Bernie together as Mamaw & Papaw because everybody knows Mamaw & Papaw really know how to take care of the spoiled kids!

  3. What a wonderful collection! I’d seen a lot but not all. Thanks for the review, especially in light of November victories. Very effective/artistic use of ridicule toward the Left. THANK YOU BFH!!!

  4. did you all ever wonder why it is so very difficult to prosecute an individual with political power, wealth, or a bureaucrat? did you all ever wonder why it is so very easy to prosecute a citizen who is none of the above? did you all ever wonder why some politicians are dead set against voter ID at any political level? did you all ever wonder how those with socialist ideals and programs in mind almost never pony up how to pay for them? did you all ever wonder where all that money the Federal government spent has gone too? did any of you ever wonder how any one in this country could be poor after the Feds spent trillions of dollars to relieve the poor?
    does asking questions like this make me more of a libertarian than a conservative?

  5. The Saudis just admitted that Khashoghi is dead. They claim there was an accident during an interrogation. Who knew that chopping a human being into little pieces would kill him? How do they say, “Ooops!” in Arabic?

  6. could you add a note to which ones are supposed to be funny? because you mostly steal other people’s memes and just put different wording on it while cropping off the original mememaker or their site. no original ideas so you steal others. low on the creative juices, huh?

  7. Pure genius!! Thanks, you just brightened an otherwise rainy dreary day. Of course, my shirt is soaked from the tears of laughter.

    I know for a fact, that this selection just scratches the surface of BFH’s portfolio of agitprop.

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