Cop charged with murder in Freddie Gray’s death

NYPost; Baltimore’s top prosecutor said Friday there was probable cause to arrest six cops – including one charged with murder – in the killing of Freddie Gray, the black man whose death in police custody sparked widespread protests and rioting.

State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby made the stunning announcement – which drew cheers of joy and relief from onlookers – after receiving the medical examiner’s report, which classified Gray’s death as a homicide.  more

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  1. If I was a white cop….I would refuse to pursue any black suspect. Get a special team of blacks to handle all calls involving blacks. I refuse to go near black people.

  2. I’ll wait to hear the evidence before I decide. It’s possible these cops gave one of their wild rides in the van and caused his death or something happened during that extra stop they made, the one that they never mentioned in their reports. Most cops are great people but the profession will still attract the cowboys and the bullies. It’s certainly possible that a couple of those types were responsible for this guys death. I’m not saying probable, just possible. That’s why I’ll wait for the report detailing the charges and why they’ve been laid. Besides, if the case is bullshit then decent defense lawyers will destroy it in court and since the State took the investigation over the Governor would be in the hot seat.

  3. misconduct in office.

    HEY, BITCH, anybody else you want to arrest for misconduct in MA state office or Baltimore city hall misconduct?????

  4. so here’s my prediction. They go to trial and are found not guilty and riots begin all over again. Then the DOJ (ala Rodney king), force a federal trial where only one verdict is allowed- unless of course we have a Conservative Prez by then who will not force the second trial and rioting will once again take place because the new POTUS does not force the feds to act.

  5. Um, if Misconduct in Office is a jailable offense, then it looks like we’re gonna need a whole new Executive Branch, at least 400 new Congressmen, maybe 95 Senators, somewhere close to 50 new governors!!!
    and WTF is “Depraved Heart Murder”?

  6. Question? What race are these officers? I haven’t seen that mentioned anywhere nor have I seen a picture of them. Just wondering how many are black since B-more has a a ‘diverse’ police force.

  7. Eugenia – bingo!

    By the way, YOU WON the What Do You See In The Clouds contest. Please email your mailing address to Big Fur Hat and he will get ti to me so I can send you your prizes.

  8. How the fuck are they going to charge someone with murder when they admitted the injuries happened from him not being buckled in. No jury in their right mind is going to convict someone of murder on evidence like that…and the cops will be found innocent and Baltimore will burn down again…and rinse/repeat.

  9. Now we now the Sacrificial Goats …

    who do you figure is the Scape Goat?


    … Justice?

  10. Just sent my mailing address. Will be getting in some Gulf Coast fishing with my brother from NC this summer. Also some NC pier fishing and deep sea fishing. Weeeeeoooooo!

  11. Seeing this, why would anyone want to become a game warden in a liberal preserve? If these people want to nationalize the police, wait until they try protesting against enforcers from other areas with no ties to the community and no accontability to that community.

  12. Change of venue to Carroll County MD a big red dot in Blue Maryland. It’s where the Sheriff is from that explained his frustration of seeing eunuch Baltimore cops getting stoned and bricked. Sorry, just trying to be funny.

  13. according to Freddie’s arrest records he should have been a 3 time looser and in jail. Never bust a cop-n arrest big brother Al for starting all this shit. why doesn’t someone take him out?

  14. Freddie’s death has nothing to do with the riots.
    And they will not cease with the arrests of the cops.

    May Day. Socialism’s holy day.
    Obola, with Soros’ financing, will see to it that ‘demonstrations’ break out in every socialist enclave in America.

    Push is coming to shove.

    And we sit with our thumbs up our asses waiting for Ted, Scott, Rand, John, Ben, Marco, Herman, or somebody else to come and lead us over the horizon to the Third Kingdom.

  15. Freddie Gray died one week after his ‘ride’.
    Kinda hard for the cops to commit 2nd Degree Homicide while Freddie died on the operating table…… charge the doctors

  16. Fredie had two fathers:

    Quote from Press Conference, Baltimore MD May 1, 2015.

    Grey family lawyer, Att. Murphy, introduced Johnny:

    “Hi, my name is Johnny, I’m one of Fredies two fathers.”

  17. I definitely missed the part where they sent the case to the grand jury. Where was that stated? How in hell do you get that before a GJ that fast minutes after so called report was publicized?

    BTW, for those asking, the breakdown ethnically was 50% Negroid and 50% Caucasoid.

  18. We don’t no stinkin’ Grand Jury!

    We in charge here. We is the mayor, the Chief of polices, the suborentandnt of schools, the attorney general, what the fuck youall mean, Grand Jury?

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