Feminism’s ‘Rape Culture’ Insanity

the Other McCain: Does anyone else remember the “Culture War” of the 1990s? Conservatives like Bill Bennett and Robert Bork argued at the time that the decadence of popular culture — as evidenced in everything from gangsta rap to video games to Quentin Tarantino movies — was corrupting morality, inciting violence and sexual perversion. Here we are, two decades later and feminists are saying basically the same thing.

This is part of what the whole “rape culture” discourse is about. Whereas most of us think of rape as a criminal act perpetrated by individuals, feminists want to indict culture — or “misogyny” or “male supremacy” or some other way of blaming larger societal forces beyond the act of the individual rapist. Therefore, feminists now adamantly insist, it’s the way we talk about sex, or the way sex is depicted in advertising, movies and TV shows, which causes rape. So now the Speech Police patrol the Internet, ready to denounce as a “rape apologist” anyone who contradicts the feminist narrative. No one can be permitted to express doubt toward the Scientific Truth of the Feminist-Industrial Complex. After Christina Hoff Sommers spoke at Georgetown University, the student newspaper published an editorial that accused the College Republicans (who hosted Sommers’ lecture) of having “knowingly endorsed a harmful conversation on the serious topic of sexual assault.”

Merely to have a conversation is harmful on the 21st-century campus.


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  1. I’ll believe in gender equality when men can be impregnated and give birth to children!

  2. The womyns have made such a cock-up of male-female relations that all the young dudes have decided that squeezing one off into their pajama pants and playing World of Warcraft is as close as they want to get to females.

    Wow, well played ladies!

  3. I’ll believe the equality schtick when sewer workers achieve male female parity.
    Without us men they would be complaining in caves.

  4. Funny, lately I’ve been looking a little closer at the people that surround me, normally I could care less.

    Haven’t found a rape worthy subject yet.

    Are women getting uglier? Geezlus, I don’t think I’ve seen a gal that weighs less than me in 6 months.

  5. “Rape culture” is the feminists’ reaction to the fact that male-perpetrated sexual assault rates have hit their lowest level in known history and rape (or the fantastical imagining thereof) is the “keep” within their childish sandcastle. Once actual facts begin to leak out publicly (more men are raped in prison than women raped by men in society; women rape men more than the reverse, etc.), feminism’s last bastion will crumble and its fraudulent revenue streams will haemorrage and stop. Every other tenet of femnist “thought” has been trounced with fact and this last victory cannot come soon enough. Almost all rape and assault cases going through our courts now are just fictional money-spinners for legal professionals and are simply killing innocent men, while allowing female rapists to act with impunity.

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