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  1. Last time I had a dog was in the early 90’s. My wife had a cocker spaniel
    The dog (a puppy) pulled the eyes out of all the stuffed animals in the house. About 25.
    Also pulled Kleenex out of the box.
    What a little dickens.
    This all stopped after it was 1 year old

  2. when my wife and I first got married she had a male dog. Before he got “Fixed” he had a stuffed teddy bear that was called “his girlfriend.”

    After he was fixed, he still had the girlfriend, but he would just lay on it and have the most depressed sad eyes you’d ever seen.

    That was one depressed dog.

  3. @DaveVA. Try some yard sales. I find all my best shit at yard sales since 0bama has been occupying the WH. People having to get rid of things they can live without just to make ends meet. Campers, musical instruments, tools. I bought a dented aluminum extension ladder for a dollar! And a silver platter from the 1880s for twenty five cents!!! Had some tarnish that I polished out with tooth paste. I could go on and on.
    Stuffed animals = .50 cents.

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