Happy New Year from Grand Canyon National Park – IOTW Report

Happy New Year from Grand Canyon National Park

grand canyon 2015


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  1. It’s cold here in Zonieland!! Can someone help a lifelong Zonie out here? There was this slick, slippery film of something on the sidewalk this morning where there had been water the night before. Anyone know where the water went?

  2. I love the GC but am totally enamored with Bryce


    Once I locked the car key in our rental car on an early, icy morning in an obscure stopping point at the GC. We had two little kids in tow with us at that time. Fortunately someone came along who had a crow bar in his trunk and we popped the lock.

    Another time we did the airplane ride over the GC. Exciting, however, although I have no problem with flying, the low to the plane floor windows of the special plane prompted my pulling the rosary from my purse and praying frantically.

  3. Oops, ran out of time to edit.

    I have a humorous photo of me at the GC that a group of Japanese tourists and DH took. The tourists were cracking up while snapping the photos. I think I’m famous in Japan. 🙂

    We tried to replicate it in Bryce a few years ago, but my expression isn’t quite the same as the 70’s GC photo. Wish I knew how to share it with you all.

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