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‘I Was a Liberal Atheist. And Then My Stepson Found Radical Islam’

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“Two years ago this week, my stepson came home wearing an Arabic black thawb. He walked into the sitting-room, smiled defiantly at me and at his father, and asked us how he looked. We were a little shocked, but being English of course we said he looked very nice,” an author writing under the pseudonym of “Claire Stevens” in the UK Spectator notes:

Over the next few months we saw the boy we knew become buried beneath a spiritual totalitarianism. The word Islam means submission. It allows you to love nothing else; to be a good Muslim, you must surrender yourself completely. Under the informal tutelage of his new friends, our boy eagerly took on the attitudes of his Muslim ‘brothers’ in place of his former personality. Why, he protested, didn’t I cook every night? Why didn’t I ‘look after’ him and his dad like a good (Muslim) woman would? I was lazy, I was ‘irresponsible’, he would say, a smug little smile on his face. I felt angry and sad.

To keep the peace, I tried to take it as a joke, informing him that I had a career that involved more than just having babies. Gradually though, I found myself worn down by his attitude.


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  1. Islam is why the left takes to it so easily. In short, it’s everything a leftist could ask for. Direction, militancy,
    absolute dedication to a cult that demands death for both it’s victims and the followers. Most of all, it hates the very people that embrace freedom and truth and those would be Christians and Jews and not coincidentally pledge to eradicate them both.

    Those evil Jews and Christians only look to make your country a theocracy so they oppose the mentioning of Nature’s God but haven’t a problem with Muslims that desire their cult be first.

  2. Maybe because I’m not a brainless, Godless limey, I would have kicked his ass out the door one minute after he walked in wearing that pisslamic crap. I would not have tolerated his smug islamofacism for a nano second.

  3. IThose ‘parents’ are unbelievable!
    No way would I tolerate a punk like that.
    You want to be a mooslum, knock yourself out kid, but not in my house!
    Would you like your Dad to put you out of your misery?!

  4. We weren’t much on “church” attendance for years; but in the past several years, we have joined and attend our local Baptist church regularly. – If you don’t want to wake up one day and find every former church in your area suddently bought up by Muslim oil money, & their imams caterwauling the Muslim call to prayer several times a day on loudspeakers in your town – get busy and get going for Christ! – We used to hear the song “Crown Him Lord of All” on a loudspeaker once a day on the court square. It’s time to either put up or shut up & accept the fate they wish for us.-

  5. it is said “Nature abhors a vacuum”.

    the same can be said of one’s soul – if your soul has a vacuum from the soul-deadening ideology of Atheistic Leftism, then Satan will soon fill that soul with his evil gutter religion called Islam.

  6. I know this is bad, but I care less and less about most of the people in eurabia – they have SO dug their own graves. Unfortunately, we’re next on the menu and if we don’t save this country, we won’t be able to help anyone else ever again.

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