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If you REALLY cared about the environment, you'd stop eating

My Northwest-–WASHINGTON (AP) — For years, the government has been issuing guidelines about healthy eating choices. Now, a panel that advises the Agriculture Department is ready to recommend that you be told not only what foods are better for your own health, but for the environment as well. More

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  1. First they will “recommend”, then they will “nudge”, then they will command. Resist these parasitical assholes in every way possible starting now.

  2. … A dietary pattern higher in plant-based foods and lower in animal-based foods is “more health promoting and is associated with lesser environmental impact than is the current average U.S. diet,” the draft said.

    Wow my bullshit detector just exploded.

    Vegetarianism or “plant based” diet is a lifestyle of low energy, obesity and premature death. From Plato’s Republic to the work of Dr. William Davis and many others, objective historical evidence and current research shows this is very destructive to humans.

  3. “What you claim is quite profound; though incorrect.”
    (paraphrasing Conrad)

    “… diets are in alignment with our natural resources and the need to reduce climate change,”

    Pure, unadulterated, bullshit, doublespeak, that means absolutely nothing.

    Diets are, by nature, “aligned” with natural resources – otherwise you couldn’t eat.

    “… the need to reduce climate change” – What the fuck does that mean?

    First – there is NO “need” to “reduce” climate change, because the term “climate change” implies nothing whatsoever about whether the climate is changing in a positive or negative manner.
    Second – No one can “reduce” climate change because all climate is a result of the sun’s activities and it is impossible to reduce a change that isn’t defined – just as it is impossible to effect changes in the sun’s activities.

    How does imbecility continue to parade as wisdom and be accepted, without analysis?

  4. More prog regulations spreading like a forest fire.

    Please write – email gets through faster – your state & federal representatives. In brief short sentences tell them what you want/don’t want.

  5. Well I eat plant food all the time…..but, I let an animal eat it first, then I eat the animal.
    So…. I’m kinda a seconddairy Vegan.

  6. Well, time to order a side if beef and fill up the old chest freezer, take a photo and send it to the Ag Dept with a nice note. I think Old Guy’s quote will do very nicely. Succinct and to the point. 🙂

  7. . I understand cows and pigs give off methane which contributes to global cooking, but dammit, its not my fault! Hey! I’m trying to eat these hamburgers, steaks, pork chops and bacon as fast as I can to cut down on the population, but those darn critters are reproducing faster than I can eat em!

  8. Govt advisory panel members…
    They’re not just for breakfast any more.

    Got long pig?

    (I regret that I have to add that I am not to be taken literally here.)

  9. The government has no business or authority to tell us what to eat. If they don’t work for us they have overstepped the authority that the People have given them. They are supposed to serve us, not dictate communist bullshit. They should be fired just for the suggestion.

  10. Emily Zanotti at American Spectator (spectator.org) has an article about the president’s New Years dinner in Hawaii, all 15 courses. And of course he shared the dinner with the Self-appointed Nat’l School dietician.

  11. I was talking to a friend and told him my cats loved spinach. He said “My cats won’t eat spinach.” I replied, “Mine wouldn’t either for 2 weeks.”

    Any old how: Animals are delicious.

  12. It’s all about population reduction.
    That is their ultimate goal.

    Look at how they’re destroying healthcare.
    The best defense is to stay healthy, through diet and lifestyle.
    So…they want to manipulate our diets, hiding behind the phony label of ‘environmentalism’.
    It’s pure bullshit.
    BTW, the Comments with the article are good.

    And ditto what Zonga said.

  13. “First they will “recommend”, then they will “nudge”, then they will command. Resist these parasitical assholes in every way possible starting now.”

    We saw it with handicapped spaces. Since every lardass, who really needs to walk, can get a placard or a pate now by doctor shopping – hint: the same ones who sign “medical marijuana” cards also provide this service, because they are mostly holders of affirmative action degrees and are otherwise unable to make living, this is their M.O. the number of mandated spaces has skyrocketed.

  14. “My recommendation to the Agricultural Department: Eat Me.” – DaveR

    When push comes to shove, THEY JUST MIGHT.

  15. The government that cannot keep our budget balanced, workers employed, criminals off the streets, illegals out of the country, crooks off the Bench, imbeciles out of congress, communists out of the democrat party, perverts out of the classroom, and fraudsters out of science, sure as hell is not qualified to tell us what to eat.

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