Just Like Democrats And Joe Biden, Mike Johnson Supports An Open Southern Border – IOTW Report

Just Like Democrats And Joe Biden, Mike Johnson Supports An Open Southern Border


There’s a very simple logic to the Democrat position on Ukraine: Its continued welfare sponsored by American taxpayers is very important, but it’s not more important than maintaining an open Southern border for the world’s criminal and destitute to flood the nation (again, sponsored by American taxpayers).

We know that’s the indisputable Democrat position because while they, including the Biden White House, insist there’s nothing more urgent than sending tens of billions dollars more to Ukraine, they’re not willing to do so if it means blocking the access of a single illegal alien to America’s interior. After months of negotiating a matter that shouldn’t require more than a second’s worth of debate, Democrats put forward a bill that legalized the unauthorized entry of up to 5,000 aliens per day. That’s how serious they are about keeping the border agape. more

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  2. The entire lot of them feed from the same trough. They’re only interested in themselves. Damn the American people. Ukraine is already a lost cause. But, it’s profitable to “some people”. Until the profits are taken out of politics and DC is rid of corrupt people expect nothing more.

  3. Get out of your car. Cut off your S̶l̶a̶u̶s̶o̶n Johnson, get back in your car, then you drive six miles ’till you see the Giant Neon Vice-Squad Cop.

  4. Why is everyone so worried about Hakeem Jeffries? He could not possibly be any worse than the useless Globalist turd burglar we have now, and at least he’s honest about being an American-hating communist. I say let it all burn, so that we can start to rebuild.

  5. How many times are you going to let the republican party fuck you over before you realize that the republican party is fucked? I will stand steadfast with President Trump, but I think it is time for him to distance himself with those who are out to destroy him. That is the vast majority of republicans. How can one stand behind a political party that consists of a majority who stand against you?

  6. Johnson is now officially on my list of open border politicians that I want to see major bodily harm done to at the hands of one of these illegal invaders.

    These greedy jackasses believe they are better than us, it’s time they discover they are mortals like us. And God willing, it’ll be them, all of them, before me.

  7. I honestly believe they have some kind of brainwashing technique they apply to Republican politicians when they get into key positions or they have body doubles prepared in the background to swap into their places at the key times.
    Either that or they were globalists the whole time and played their “conservative” roles very well…

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