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Just Like Dogs 😂 🐄

Imagine having a pet cow in your house.

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  1. Ok, that cow’s so cute. Even though its a 1,500lb “pet” that can’t be housebroken.
    Makes me feel guilty for loving hamburgers so much. Although, I’m good with this one in the video. It’s a Holstein dairy cow – a milk producer.

  2. Used to like spending time in my grandpa’s barn as a kid. Cows are pretty cool and docile animals but when they decide to lick you they darn near rip the skin off your body.

    The tongues do make great sandwiches though so you get revenge in the long run

  3. We enjoyed owning two Great Dane males Mack and Murphy,including their drool,but that cow mucus was way too much for me. Plus our boys were not table surfers. Sure, I get that video was for pure chuckles. BTW, I adore cows of all types, just outdoors.

  4. Useless fact for the day.
    Cattle in a feedlot have a pecking order and will line up in the same order at the feed bunk.
    If one arrives late, it will push it’s way into it’s spot.

  5. Well, my friend and neighbor has taken up cattle farming as we all know that eventually the stores will only provide soylent green.. but his cows are a hoot and I go visit them every other day or so. one of the heifers had a little (77#) bull the day Toby Kieth passed and of course they named him Toby.


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