No-Bid Contracts Inflate Cost to Massachusetts Taxpayers of Feeding Illegal Aliens – IOTW Report

No-Bid Contracts Inflate Cost to Massachusetts Taxpayers of Feeding Illegal Aliens

Daily Signal-

Most hardworking Americans can’t afford to spend $21 to $31 on dinner every day. If they did, they’d likely expect to get steak or lobster for their money.

Yet that’s exactly how much the state of Massachusetts is spending to feed homeless migrants, according to WBZ-TV CBS Boston. The state isn’t even getting its money’s worth: The meals include spaghetti and hot dogs or rice with a single chicken drumstick.

The $21 meals come from the Fairfield Inn Boston Dedham, where the state is paying $180 a day to house homeless families and migrants—even though advertisements show hotel rooms start at $129.

Lunch costs $16, but a family interviewed by CBS Boston said it contains “nothing edible,” such as soup with “just bones” in it. more

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  1. This is why every moronic spouse, kid, sibling, cousing, and crony of any prominent democrat is filthy rich. The entire NGO universe now is one big giant racket. And every NGO CEO who exists nominally to “feed the homeless”, “protect the environment”, and “help ‘immigrants'” is really just bleeding the coffers dry, doing jack shit to help anyone but themselves, fucking the country up, and getting filthy rich doing it. It’s literal organized crime run through, inside, and around the federal and state government systems.

  2. I get sickened about all the bull crap that governments at all levels are doing. They are just out of control. They do whatever they want to do on the taxpayer’s dime. Long gone is “Of the people, by the people, for the people”.

    I don’t know if there is even one honest government anymore. Run by crooks and thieves, all of them.

    BTW $21 to $31 these days will certainly not buy you a lobster dinner, and maybe not even a small steak. For $21 you might get a side salad and a grilled cheese sandwich.

  3. ^^^^^

    I am at a loss about what we the people can do in this state of affairs. I know what I’d like to do, if I could get away with it. Would it help? I don’t know. There is so much evil in (and out) of government. If some of the bastards were to be hung, “pour encourager les autres”, as they say it in France, would it work? Who knows. Do criminals stop being criminals when one of them is executed? For that one particular criminal, yes, for sure.

    We will see in six months if our votes count for anything anymore.

  4. The fed government has been pulling money out of the Social Security fund for decades. The people responsible for it say they are not doing any harm to the fund, it’s all legal, blah blah bullshit. It’s like liberals when riots consume parts of Minneapolis and Seattle – Oh, those protests are not really violent, they’re actually quite peaceful.

    Observers outside of government have been raising concerns about this theft of the people’s money for many years, but the thefts continue. Maybe that money is going to Ukraine and Gaza.

  5. The people of Taxachusetts have voted for just this very thing for decades.
    THIS is what they demanded: THIS is what they got.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …


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