POLL – Comey, YOU’RE FIRED! (POLL) Did President Trump do the right thing?

Comey, YOU’RE FIRED! (POLL) Did President Trump do the right thing?


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27 Comments on POLL – Comey, YOU’RE FIRED! (POLL) Did President Trump do the right thing?

  1. Comey is totally incompetent… and sways with the wind. Who needs that when you need to be steadfast in thought and action?

    No question that Trump did the right thing !!

  2. Comey is a self aggrandizing incompetent jackass.
    He should’ve been fired in January.

    There are now rumors that Comey is part of a pedophile network.
    If this is true heads need to roll!

  3. As someone who actually had meetings with the FBI, I say, “yes”. The FBI does not EVER talk publicly about cases or the fact that they are investigating cases. Comey blabbed blabbed blabbed about ongoing investigations like a gossip girl on Facebook.
    You can’t have an egotist like him in charge of the FBI. Period.
    And he was fired completely appropriately. It’s not unlike a person working for a corporation being escorted out the door by security before they can cover their tracks.
    I wish Trump would use the tactics of “You’re Fired” more often.

  4. To me, the final straw would have been his admission last week that Tony and Huma Wiener would not be recommended for prosecution because there was “no criminal intent”. The same deference he gave to Hillary.

  5. Yes. It takes a special individual to piss off both the right and the left, and Comey managed to do this. His first press conference regarding the Clinton private server/email scandal was a classic case of trying to not delve into politics, and then managing to accomplish exactly that with his outline of improper procedures the FBI found Clinton to have committed, and then recommending no prosecution based on suppposed lack of intent. (How do you accidentally install a private server in your home anyway?)

    In addition, Comey positioned the FBI to be toothless when it came to political corruption and crime. Lynch, after having improperly met with Bill Clinton, stated that she would defer to the FBI’s recommendation of prosecution or not. But this is not the FBI’s function – it is the Attorney General’s function, and Comey accepted a task the FBI had no business taking.

    Finally, Comey gave the impression that the FBI is little more than a toothless tool unwilling to actually do something about government corruption. Comey gave political protection to Lynch and Clinton despite the overwhelming evidence of corrupt and/or criminal conduct by announcing that the FBI had found improper and/or illegal acts had occurred, but recommending no prosecution. With Clinton, he threw her under the bus but refused to run over her.

    I will give Comey credit for this – he personally undertook to be the public face of the FBI in these instances instead of sacrificing an underling. I also believe Comey legitimately tried to not influence the November election, but may have done more damage in undertaking this course of action. When both the right and the left are unhappy with your performance, it is time to go.

  6. Exactly the right time, for two reasons. Let the offender hang himself in public, and let it play ad nauseam in the media.

    1. He had to let the fool exonerate Trump (three times) from the manufactured Russian Conspiracy to tank Beastcunt. That’s easy, just let Commie run his ego in front of Congress.

    2. Trump lets the farce play long enough for the Idiocracy (The Public, the Herd, the Sheople) to average a mere exposure factor that reaches its conscious level. It appears ridiculous to us, but that’s what it takes.

    Then he acts.

    Call it the Trump Firing Algorithm and patent it.

  7. +1000 to Vermin Control’s summation.

    Comey politicized the FBI, joined the Clinton cabal, betrayed his oath of office, compromised himself, then overplayed his hand.

    Next up: Arkancide? Because he knows too much.

  8. Another bungling, incompetence, incontinent, swamp dweller. Don’t let to door hit you on the way out!

  9. The funniest thing, yes, I am getting enjoyment from an others discomfort, it’s got such a fun name, schadenfreude.
    He was talking to the FBI in CA, thought it was a prank, like Gronk walking in on Spicy.
    “You’re Fired.”- President Trump

  10. @Vermin & Rufus, If somebody needs an explanation for the timing, that’s a damn good one.
    Comey was put out enough for everybody to call shenanigans, even Colbert’s audience messed up and applauded, before the cock holster host corrected their ignorance.


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