SMUG CNN Alisyn Camerota Can’t Fathom Voter Fraud Occurs @Mr_Pinko VIDEO

Either she’s feigning stupidity or …just another LYING MEDIA Anchor.


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14 Comments on SMUG CNN Alisyn Camerota Can’t Fathom Voter Fraud Occurs @Mr_Pinko VIDEO

  1. And to think she was once on Fox, back when I actually watched the TV news. I had no idea she made the move to CNN.

    How big is the tumor?

  2. If she continues to slam the palm of her hand on her forehead, she still won’t get passed 2nd grade…

  3. Hey Pinko, HOW DARE YOU accuse a CNN anchor of Feigning Stupidity? If she weren’t STUPID she wouldn’t be on CNN in the first place!

  4. Wow, that video paints an ugly picture of her. She was pleasant on Fox News, but CNN has revealed the arrogant bitch she really is. Her disdainful treatment of that panel is shameful.

  5. I hope Megyn Kelly joins her soon at CNN. What a trio. Kelly, Camerota, and Cuomo. “What they don’t know would make a library anybody would be proud of.”
    An old friend of mine described Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy that way during the Robert Bork hearings.

  6. Back in 1987 President Reagan nominated Robert Bork, a brilliant jurist, to the Supreme Court. Biden and Kennedy (not the brightest of God’s creatures), with lies and distortions, the aid of a liberal press, scuttled the nomination.
    President Trump: Be aware!


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