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Some Dems May Skip, but Netanyahu Speech Is Still a Hot Ticket

From Roll Call:

Dozens of House Democrats are planning to skip Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress on March 3, and they’re hoping their absence will send a strong signal.

One of those Democrats is Rep. John Yarmuth of Kentucky.

Yarmuth, who is Jewish, told CQ Roll Call he was disturbed by the GOP leadership’s decision to invite the foreign leader to speak two weeks before the Israeli elections and in the midst of tense negotiations to disarm Iran, without consulting their Democratic counterparts — or the White House.

“I think, early on, none of us wanted to make a big deal out of it. Just, you know, if we didn’t go, we didn’t go. It wasn’t like we were going to organize a boycott,” Yarmuth said.”But it became clear that attendance would be taken, and you were either gonna be noticed or not by your absence. So I thought I’d get out in front of it.”

Yarmuth’s constituents will be aware of his decision, along with Jewish donors and pro-Israel advocates closely watching how staunch supporters of Israel reconcile their allegiance to the nation with their protest of the politics surrounding the invitation.


15 Comments on Some Dems May Skip, but Netanyahu Speech Is Still a Hot Ticket

  1. Yep – They’re sending a strong signal alright, of the worst kind.

  2. F&%k the dem cowards. They keep talking about, “2 weeks before the election.” What about the closing time of “talks” with Iran, hmmmm?

    I can’t wait to hear what Netanyahu has to say.

  3. These REgressives are nothing more then sycophantic fascists. Think not? Check out the newly elected dem Representative in Hawaii. She’s raised concerns about this treaty with Iran and is being viciously attacked by REgressives.

    All the humma-humma about the Israeli elections is a fucking lie anyway-why no push back from these jerks about the team Obama sent to Israel to work to have Bebe ousted?

    The facts are Obama hates Israel, has been actively working for the most radical elements of Islam in the ME, has repeatedly taken the side of the mullahs & sheiks and wants desperately to throttle this nightmare deal through with Iran(ala ObamaCare).

    As long as they don’t test their nuke while he’s in office, it’s all good with this murderer-and that’s what he is, a mass murderer. Maybe we won’t see the retribution for Jarrett and him in this life, but the fat lady hasn’t sung yet. And there’s a limitless supply of lamp posts, surly one must have his name on it.

  4. “Send a signal”

    You pusillanimous piece of shit, if you’ve got something to say – SAY IT!

    Your absence is a show of cowardice, nothing more.

  5. Good then Bibi will receive the warm welcome he deserves. Be great if they blasted the Iran nuke sites while he is in the chamber.

  6. Let all of the democRats skip Netanyahu’s speech. It will show that they are party first over our greatest ally. It will show what cowards they are. Maybe the dumbass liberal Jews in America will wake up and see that the democRat party is anti-Israel. 😡

  7. just shows that the truth is a hot ticket in the city of lies!

  8. Not so fast. The elites hanging in DC think their purpose is to see and be seen. Knowing it’s a hot ticket, do you really think these narcissists are going to stay home? The hardcore anti-Semites, maybe, but the fence sitters will definitely make an appearance.

    These hypocrites take the cake. Remember the story about a week or two ago where Frankenfeinstein and other prominent Jews in the senate asked Bibi to meet privately with them? More power to him, he told them to pound sand.

  9. Great opportunity here for the conservative groups in the areas the absent Democratic reps are from. The day after they skip the speech scour their donation lists looking for Jewish people. Get a mailer out to them or contact by phone to apprise them that their representative refused to even listen to what a Prime Minister of Israel had to say. Make sure that a Republican member of the house would never be that rude to the head of the only democratic country in the middle east. Also when the congress critter comes out with some statement justifying his absence send letters to the editor to pick it apart and add that to the phone/mailing you send to the Jewish supporters. If you can turn some of them or at least make sure they are asking awkward questions of both themselves and their friends about the person they supported it is a major step to cutting or at least reducing support to the Dems.

  10. Oh, I think the congress should take advantage of the absences and vote for some of the items that have been obstructed by the rotten apples. Right after the speech!

    But in reality, I think the GOP is complicit with Obama. Oh well.

  11. Has anyone called out the implications of even allowing the president to decide on any evel who speaks to congress!? We have three CO-EQUAL branches of government. Another blatant example of media bias and the attempt to create the myth of an all powerful presidential office. The white house was informed weeks beforehand and failed to respond (NY Times, last page correction issue 3 weeks after original allegations). No protocol was breached. Hopefully it will backfire by showing the animosity towards Israel.

  12. Was happy to learn that old “Brooklyn Boy” Senator Charles Schumer will be in attendance when Mr. Netanyahu addresses Congress. Every now and then he does something GOOD.

  13. Funny how Barky gets booed everywhere he goes in public now….gets that “I’M MAD” scowl on his face…he has been taking lessons on how to look repulsive from Moochie …

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