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Suicidal Jihadi John: I’m ‘a Dead Man Walking’

Newser: Before he was ISIS’ notorious executioner, Mohammed Emwazi was an upscale Londoner—and one who apparently felt persecuted, according to old email correspondence between Emwazi and journalist Robert Verkaik dating back to 2010 and 2011.

In them, published yesterday in the Daily Mail, Emwazi discusses feeling like MI5 is scrutinizing him: “Sometimes i feel like im a dead man walking, not fearing they may kill me. Rather, fearing that one day, I’ll take as many pills as I can so that I can sleep for ever!! I just want to get away from these people!!!” Recalls Verkaik, “Like many young Muslim men at the time who I had interviewed, he appeared to have a grievance against the police and MI5. But this man was different” and had “a warped sense of injustice.”


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  2. I think were all dead men walking, but let’s hope he gets it real soon. Hell for ten mill I might take him out.

  3. He’s a walking winning lottery ticket. If he feels persecuted now, wait until his homies find out how much his head is worth..

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