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The Ladies of Olympia Light One Up

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  1. What a steaming pile of bullshit. The Olympics are totally taken over by the woke commies. Too bad all those gals didn’t follow the ancient Greek Olympic ritual and perform naked. Now that would be worth watching.

  2. I sat through that whole video hoping at the end they would all break into a rendition of “You Can’t Touch This”.

    Not a lot of diversity here, no mustaches on the women and no 300lb goddesses, the progs will not be happy.

  3. I really expected the bowl to be dropped on it’s initial presentation. But no. They wee serious.

    I have a serious question: Where the heck is she supposed to have come from with that bowl of fire? Are you saying it was there since the last Olympics, just sitting there in the ruins?

    Does the answer to that question have anything to do with the bowl of fire looking like the bottom half of a smudge pot from the nearby road repair project?

  4. Good for France and Greece not surrendering to the insanity of DEI aka “DIE” under socialist mandates.

    These women are the ideal. Representing good health, intellect and excellence. Attributes most societies used to strive for. It’s so shameful The United States is leading in self destruction by implementing DEI.

  5. BTW, yes, this presentation is pure entertainment and not historically accurate, but still it appears normal compared to all the sickening woke crap it could be forced to symbolize.

  6. Like everything else on the planet, the Games have been tainted maybe beyond redemption. Athletes will be PAID. The IOC could never look Jim Thorpe eye to eye.

    The taint of King Merdas, Baronky the Donkey has spread like a pall on the planet.

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