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Uh Oh. 🫢 🤭 😂

Woke Spy: On Friday, May 31, 2024, a seven-year-old article about hush money payments was shared by Republican Rep. Thomas Massie.

The story from CNN focuses on a report released by the Office of Compliance, effectively revealing that, from 1997 to 2017, Congress paid out more than $17 million in settlements.

There have been over 268 settlements across the 20-year period, all of which came from taxpayers’ money through a special fund within the U.S. Treasury. This was made possible by the passing of the Congressional Accountability Act in 1995.

While it was unclear as to how much of the $17million was for sexual harassment-related settlements due to the complex reporting system within the Office of Compliance, a source familiar with the process told the network that more than two-fifths of harassment claims are settled after mediation. more

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  1. Yea
    That was not too long after the Postage Stamp scheme(s)
    (Which morphed into FEDEX, hehehe)
    And was followed by the Cafeteria Snack Bar fraud scheme
    Member That One???
    HA HA HA

    It’s their ingenuity that is so entertaining
    Little Rats

  2. Sound and fury, signifying nothing. If the Congress critters were worried that they might be hoisted on their own petard, they’d have blazed through the back channels to put the kibosh on Merchan’s mockery of a sham of a kangaroo court.

    Call me when Congressional insider trading is a thing of the past.

  3. They are preparing us for sharia law.
    That will look good by the time scumbag democrats get done with our justice system


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