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What Are Ukrainian Police Doing In Rome, GA?

Georgia Record:

Any answers Governor Kemp?

In a bizarre turn of events, Ukrainian police showed up at the Floyd County Jail, Rome Law Enforcement Center recently. Not New York City, not Chicago, not even Atlanta, but Rome, GA?

As a news organization that has extensive experience in Ukraine, CDM/The Georgia Record is aware of the involvement of Ukrainian police with Soros-funded NGOs in Ukraine.

There are rumors of significant human trafficking being perpetrated in North Georgia via Mexican cartels. There are also credible reports of massive human trafficking coming out of Ukraine.

We are not making any accusations, but after the last few years, strange incidents like this need to be investigated and reported on. more

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  1. “Shouldn’t they be fighting Putin?”

    Heard a Rusky INTEL expert once say, there’s no two people on the face of the earth that have more in common than US citizens and Russians citizens. I believe that to be true. Of course their all blonde hared and blue eyed, so some one should probably kill them. I’m sick of this shit.

  2. Human traffickers of all kinds and I don’t care where they’re from need to be tracked down and shot and killed like rabid dogs. And a bounty placed on their heads and declare an open hunting season on these bastards anywhere in the world. And George Soreass needs to be greased and the sooner the better to rid humanity of this evil bastard.

  3. What does the writer mean by “showed up”? Were they in uniform? In training with local cops? Some sort of liaison detachment? Maybe they’re SBU thugs on the vanguard of the Nazi ratlines out of Ukraine, as everything falls apart there.

  4. Anonymous, let’s rewrite a sentence from your link. Here’s the original:

    “A police officer has been shot and killed and his colleague injured while carrying out a traffic check in western Ukraine…”

    Here’s my rewrite:

    An SBU officer has been shot and killed while carrying out a forced conscription operation in Western Ukraine…”

    The worm is turning in Ukraine. You can’t take any journolisming there at face value.

  5. “Human trafficking” sounds too much like WALK/DONT WALK signage. Let’s please call it what it is:


    Don’t let “them” hijack the English language.
    Just say NO! to Newspeak.

  6. @Geoff

    I’d like nothing more than to hear that Soros bit the dust.

    But his son is standing in the wings ready to take over all his old man’s foul enterprises.

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