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What Country Is This?

Because these House simps think they’re in Ukraine.

Democrats in the House of Representatives chanted “Ukraine” and waved Ukrainian flags on the House floor following passage of a $60 billion aid package to the country on Saturday.

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  1. It would indeed be refreshing to see something major done for the American people. After all it’s our tax money being squandered. Democrats have done nothing positive for We the People since Biden was installed. They simply do not care. The only answer has to be that they receive compensation for their insane policies. What else could possibly be the reason – and, it’s all of them – both sides of the isle. Someone please explain why this is so. They’re destroying the country.

  2. None of which would have been possible without the affirmation and approval of 100 Republicans.

    So Democrats get their legislation passed even with a GOP majority. Tell me again why it important for the GOP to control Congress?

  3. If ANYONE, ANYWHERE, wants to see first-hand just how the Devil operates and furthers his nefarious desires, they need merely to watch the democrat party in action.

  4. Russians historically hate Ukraine because Ukraine largely supported Nazi Germany during WWII. Many Ukrainian men joined the German Army to fight against the Soviets. The Nazi Party was strong in Ukraine during the war and remnants of that ideology persisted after the war. Ukraine was part of the USSR and they are no better than the Russian Communist Party. I hope they destroy each other.

  5. List of those who voted against.
    All 3 Nebraska voted for it. Flood, Bacon, & Smith.
    “Under Johnson’s unconventional plan, the Ukraine bill will be sent to the Senate as part of a package that includes aid for Israel and Taiwan and a third bill that forces a sale of TikTok and allows the United States to confiscate Russian assets. Each component received its own vote in the House on Saturday.”


  6. Funding Afghanistan against the USSR seemed like a good idea at the time, it helped lead to the downfall of the Soviet Union. Maybe we should have let the Rooskies level the camel humpers. We might have avoided 9/11.
    If ifs and buts were candy and nuts, it’s be Christmas all year long.

  7. I have never understood for one moment why the Dumbcrats are so enamored of Ukraine. They never were before 2022. Now it’s imperative that we “save” it. Before 2022, most of us did not even call the country by its proper name, “Ukraine”, not “The Ukraine”.

    1. Ukraine does not have a big enough economy we need to have on our side. Or to support, like we did in 2 world wars to help GB.
    2. I don’t see that it has much strategic value, not even with its ports on the Black Sea.
    3. IT does not produce oil and gas, or at least not much. It has little mineral wealth of any kind.

    -In 2021, agriculture was the biggest sector of the economy. Ukraine is one of the world’s largest wheat exporters. It remains among the poorest countries in Europe with the lowest nominal GDP per capita.[243] Despite improvements, as in Moldova corruption in Ukraine remains an obstacle to joining the EU; the country was rated 104th out of 180 in the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2023.[244] In 2021, Ukraine’s GDP per capita by purchasing power parity was just over $14,000.[245] – Wikipedia.

    Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Ukraine’s population hit a peak of roughly 52 million in 1993. However, due to its death rate exceeding its birth rate, mass emigration, poor living conditions, and low-quality health care,[283][284] the total population decreased by 6.6 million, or 12.8% from the same year to 2014. = Wikipedia

    4. I would say help Ukraine for humanitarian reasons, but not with billions of dollars in military aid that will end up in the pockets of corrupt persons. Of course, humanitarian aid would likely end up enriching some crookled individuals anyway.

    5. The only thing left is that the Dumbcrats are into or least supporting some nefarious scheme with Ukraine, such as the oft mentioned money laundering or other criminal enterprises. The RINOS who supported the $60 billion aid to Ukraine (some to Taiwan and Isreal) must be in on whatever the scheme is with Ukraine.

    With Ukraine, our tax money that does not go into the pockets of the corrupt, literally explodes to unusable bits and pieces in the form of expended bullets, artillery rounds, drones, and smashed-up military equipment. No return on investment there.


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