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What Did You Hear? šŸ¤£

Zelenskyy appears to have given Biden an award from ā€œButtholeā€.

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  1. With FTX & SBF currently NFG, the little cocksucker had to fly in personally to pick up the His Cheques and Cash.

    I wonder if he’s coming up to Canuckistan to pick up Freeland & Turdboy’s Christmas Gifts too?

  2. Where’s my medal & Pulitzer prize! Wah, it was stolen I tell you, stolen. That’s ok I’ll just claim it on my taxes, that should bring my tax bill down to zero, just like my IQ.

  3. AnonTrooper December 22, 2022 at 8:04 am

    Dude could have worn a tie. Classless theater.

    Biden doesn’t warrant a coat and tie, Biden got the respect he deserves – which is none.

  4. Meanwhile, will the real Rep.elect George Santas please stand up. Seems he has taken the Republican party to a new level.
    Nothing, absolutely nothing is true, his life, his educational, his family everyting all fake.
    Oops & now caught. Removal from holding office now on the table.

  5. Zonga , it would’ve been nice if the Ukrainian President took the time to Thank St Jude’s Hospital in Memphis for taking in pediatric cancer patients and their families from Ukraine in their little “PIPELINE” where even Poland managed set up a little hospital named “Unicorn”. But that wasn’t funded by our taxes.
    Love you and yours , dear !

  6. I have a hard time hearing anything other than Ross Perotā€™s giant sucking sound of money being sucked out of middle class households and ending up in politicians pockets after being laundered through the Ukraine

  7. There are so many politican/felons WITH BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS.

    And this POS zelensky took the job to supply as much blood as necessary.

    Theater? Pure sinful EVIL, unhidden, for all to witness.

    During the season we are to remember Christ’s birth.


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