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HuffPo Author Breaks Down in Tears After Realizing She is Less Oppressed than Others

Writing today in the Huffington Post, Jasmine Burton says that she broke down in tears after realizing that she is not as oppressed as other people in the United States.

Ms. Burton’s article is titled “Finding My Place In the Fight for Social Justice and Health Equity” and recounts her struggles to find her “place in the fight for social justice.”Ms Burton

One of Ms. Burton’s seminal moments in social justice came during her “first privilege walk.” She writes that the “instructor lined everyone up at the end of a hallway and told us to stand side by side. She said, “It’s easy. Just follow the instructions.””

Then the instructor told members of the privilege walk to take a step back if they had “books in their house” and had parents who “tell you that they love you everyday,” among other things.

According to Ms. Burton, she was “far out ahead of the majority of the group, almost in complete isolation,” meaning she was drastically move privileged than her compatriots.

That was the moment that I physically realized that because of my background and because of my incredible communities of support, I was well positioned in life,” she writes, emphasis hers. “And it wasn’t fair. I completely broke.”

After the activity, she called her mom, weeping: “On the phone with my mom crying, I tried to put into words just how unfair it was. I felt like a sham — trying to engage in the fight for social justice and health equity despite not experiencing nearly as much struggle or pain as my peers.

“As a bi-racial African American and Native American female who grew up in a predominately white and largely affluent suburban community in the American south, I felt that the discrimination and injustices that I grew up combating would never compare to that of my peers,” she laments.

Ms. Burton adds, “The intersection of my identities and my maturation as a social justice advocate has helped me digest how the concepts of power and privilege play out in my life on both the American and global stages.”

Then, she writes, she went to the Global Health Corps Fellowship this year and was told by a speaker, “in the marathon of life, you can always take another step towards social change.” This made Ms. Burton break down in tears again.

“This last statement resonated with me and honestly brought me to tears because much of what he said is comparable with my personal struggle of being a person from a perceived privileged and, therefore, power-oriented background engaging in this fight for social justice,” she concludes.

I Own the World Report was the first to write about Ms. Burton’s article.

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  1. Am I missing a brain part or something? I have never spent a moment of my life thinking about my privilege. Between getting out of bed in the morning, working, paying my bills, and getting screwed over by libtards, how privileged I may or may not be doesn’t even matter.

  2. I’m white, wife is black….and guess what? My child is not “bi-racial”. She is a very much loved child of God. Just a kid; just like any other kid.

    I hate hyphenation!!

  3. Lord, Grant Me The Serenity To Accept STUPID People The Way They Are, Courage To Maintain My Self-control, And Wisdom To Know That If I Act On It, I Will Go To Jail!

    I keep trying to figure out why liberals are so bizarre. It finally dawned on me these people are all trying to get liberalism classified as a disability. That way they can be declared eligible for federal money until Hell freezes over. No work, sit on their ample asses and pontificate. Sadly the sane conservatives will be compelled by the current government to support these wastes of time and space who have no intrinsic value.

  4. If I was this moron’s mother, I would have set her straight when she called me, sobbing about her ‘privilege.’

    I would have said something like “You ungrateful little brat, how dare you cry and complain about how unfair it is that you grew up with books in the house and parents that told you they loved you? Instead of saying how it isn’t fair how about saying thank you to me and your father? How about saying you’re grateful to be so blessed? How about saying you’re happy that you have had good things happen to you? How about resolving to do the same thing for your children?”

  5. Seems like she should have gotten a few negative privilege points for being stupid and ugly. Maybe she could gain about 40 pounds and be fat, stupid and ugly and be back in the game!

  6. I can sympathize with this young woman. Why, the other day I was feeling down and oppressed because my bottle of high-priced gin was empty and I had to settle for a lesser brand for my martinis, Javier forgot to buff out a small spot on the Bentley, and my Rolex needed winding again. But then I remembered that there may be people in my world who do not have enough olives for their martinis, and perhaps I really am privileged.

    As a true progressive, I am still fighting for social justice though. Just as soon as I finish telling my gardners that dammit, I cannot afford to pay them minimum wage because they continually fail to properly trim around the fountains.

  7. So, because her parents hugged her and taught her to read or whatever, she’s considering herself too privileged? HAHAHA.
    The role of a parent is to do just that, idiot. Has nothing to do with color or where you live, Idiot.

    How about this one: Maybe those assholes who stood in line with you hated their parents or were pissed about not getting that pony they thought they deserved and lied. LOL


  8. I bet I’ll be one of those people who arrive in Heaven and say, “Thank you Jesus, but no, I don’t think I want to see these Satanic a-holes who oppressed all of mankind melt and scream before my very eyes right now. Maybe I can catch a YouTube of it later in a million years after they’ve been scrubbed completely out of my mind.

  9. If she broke down because of people have less then her in this country, I think she would have a complete mental collapse if she saw the children I feed that live next to the dump in Olongafo Philippines. Or the children I help in Kwazulu Natal or the western Cape of South Africa. She should help with our fetal alcohol children, or AIDS children, she will lose her sanity.Tell her to help me bury some of these that don’t get her “privileges”.
    Instead of feeling such stupid self pity why doesn’t she use her privileges for good and help those who really are at the bottom of life’s “privileges” such as no mother or father? Her reaction to the good things she has is one of the most repulsive things I have read. Stupid woman!

  10. You want some repression, bitch?

    Change your name to La’quonisha.
    Post some “kill whitey” videos.
    Get you some tampon earrings.

    You’ll be livin’ the dream in no time.

  11. Not quite… “liberalism” is a mental disorder. The actually quite illiberal progressivism that happens to call itself ‘liberalism’.

    True liberalism can be either classical liberalism or social liberalism (of which this new social justice progressivism is a mutated strain). I would say that classical liberalism, or even libertarianism, are very much removed from this mental illness.

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