Halloween Costumes and the Perpetually Offended

Hey BigFurHat,

With Halloween rapidly approaching, I guess it was only a matter of time until schools started warning their students which costumes are offensive.
Valdosta looks like it may take the cake for this one, though; in addition to warning students against wearing “Indian” and “Geisha” costumes, the school instructed students to not wear “ghetto” or “Hillbilly” costumes because they might reinforce classism.
Yeah, I know, another “-ism.” Anyway, the story can be found here: http://crfrm.us/TuwGh
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19 Comments on Halloween Costumes and the Perpetually Offended

  1. Sigh… going out as a One-Eyed, Hunchback, Diesel-Fired, Plaid Flannel lumberjack shirt-wearing, Nipple-Ringed, Transgender Dwarf is getting to be pretty passé anymore these days…

  2. Can’t go as…
    Porky Pig: Offends Muslims
    Captain America: Offends Those who hate America
    A Ghost: Offends those have recently deceased relatives
    Princess: Classist
    Hobo: Same reason
    Prince: Classist AND Sexist (and racist if you’re white)
    Indian: Makes light of Indigenous People’s plight
    Cowboy: Promotes Unhealthy Masculinity
    Zombie: That’s Lifeist

    Oh, but Whore-like Nuns and Evil Priests are cool

  3. The mascot of the local high school in my town is a hillbilly. I think it’s hilarious and can’t wait to buy merchandise when the time comes.

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