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Mark Levin Gives High Marks To a Trump Speech and #NeverTrump Brands Him a Heretic

It’s the comment section where you get the true pulse of what a “movement” is thinking, and I’m here to report that there isn’t much thinking going on.

It’s a brain dead movement.

Mark Levin is now a heretic to many of them because Levin fisked a Trump speech on his radio show, point by point, and said that what Trump was saying on the topic of illegal immigration and ISIS was excellent.


The venom and the hate and the stupid was dispatched and Levin is now done… because TED.

You know what? I want Ted Cruz to drop the ef dead… for the good of the nation. That’s right, you heard me, ya big dummies. (Why is it Mark Levin is allowed to be a cantankerous, insulting, impatient, vitriolic, unpredictable hothead, and he is, well, was, a hero to the very same people that say Trump’s temperament is a major issue?)

No, seriously, Ted Cruz is a good man, but these plaintive wails about Ted, and what could have been, what SHOULD have been, is embarrassing. Tears are streaming down their face, they’re refusing to leave their seat, they’re staring at the scoreboard while the maintenance crew works a push broom around them and the field lights are going off. You can hear them mumbling, flatly, that “Ted will get them in the fifth quarter.”

It’s over, and your fifth quarter plans are stupid. Your plan to virtually assassinate Trump, while claiming that Trump is assassinating himself, is stupid. Your plan to allow Hillary to win so Ted can save the country in 2020 is STUPID.

You’re putting the country in peril, allowing the SCOTUS to be taken over by the left, because of one man.

“YOU put the country in peril when YOU nominated a clown instead of Ted Cruz. And when I campaign against the clown, a Hillary win is on YOU! Hurrrr de durrrrrrrrrrrr.”

Some of the more reasonable commenters, when they start to snap out of their gloom and say, “well, it was a good speech, and I’m really not hearing anything of the sort out of Hillary,” are attacked.

“Don’t you realize that he’s just reading off a teleprompter!” 

“He doesn’t mean a word of what he’s saying!”

“He doesn’t even understand a word of what he’s saying!”

“Don’t be fooled, Trump is to the left of Hillary!!”

“I’m not going to be conned by a con man!!!!!”

“Where are your principles!!!!?????”

“Well, I’m just saying, we know Hillary will dump refugees into this country despite knowing what Angela Merkel has done to her own country. Hillary’s policies are largely responsible for a complete catastrophe in the middle-east, she’s an open-border advocate and a proponent of the welfare state, two elements that cannot coexist for long.”

“Are you forgetting Ted? What happened to your principles?”

“Ya, I supported Ted, he lost. I have to switch gears and go for the most reasonable solution to avoid the Hillary regime.”

“The most reasonable solution was to have voted for Ted.”

“Well, I did vote for Ted, as I said. I realize he lost and I’m switching to plan B to avoid a Hillary presidency.”

“May I offer a more reasonable plan? Why don’t you vote for Mikey McFukstik so that he siphons off enough votes from Trump and Hillary so that the vote goes to the house.”

“And then what happens?”


“This is the United States of America, not the United Front of Ted.”

“Burn him!”


Really sick of it.

“Ladies and gentleman, the president of the United States, Hillary Rodham Clinton,” is to be avoided at all costs if you have an ounce of brain matter in your head.

Let’s recap:

  • Don’t give a sh!t about Cruz right now.
  • I’d rather take the chance on a guy that’s been campaigning on issues that are paramount to the right, and hope he’s sincere, than to allow this country to become irreparably left-wing for the remainder of my lifetime because of Ted Cruz.
  • I can’t be conned by a con man if I’m saying “he might be poison, but that over there is definitely poison.” If it’s embarrassment you’re trying to avoid you really don’t understand the danger of a Clinton administration. Embarrassment is the least of your worries.
  • There is no fifth quarter
  • You can’t say a Hillary victory is the sole responsibility of a Trump supporter as you do everything in your power to make sure Trump loses.






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  1. “You can’t say a Hillary victory is the sole responsibility of a Trump supporter as you do everything in your power to make sure Trump loses.”

    That’s problem #1 here.
    Not that they don’t like Trump. Who cares?
    I’m sure a lot of people who are voting for him don’t like him 100% anyway.
    But problem #2 is they are obsessing over a way to vote someone else in who was so far in 2nd place it may as well have been last. And yes, I did vote for Cruz, but he didn’t win. It’s over. Fini. Termina. Get a grip.

  2. The only people more gleeful than Hillary Clinton at her high polling numbers are the commenters (and one poster) over at the Clinton Scoop. Honestly, they’re so giddy and hopeful that Trump loses in November, you’d think they worked at Hillary for America.

  3. I’m glad to hear that Levin is starting to come to his senses. I was a big fan. Subscriber to LevinTV, etc., but I had to put him away for his #NeverTrumpism.

    In this case the greater of two evils is REALLY, REALLY FUCKING EVIL. If she wins we’re toast.

  4. It’s been too long since I posted this. Below is an email I just sent to the leader of the local Tea Party group who has been polluting the local tea party with thinly veiled #nevertrump BS.

    I wasn’t at your recent Patriots meetings but I have been to them
    in the past, You and I have discussed some things now and then.

    I heard something about the discussions at your most recent meeting
    and I want to offer my opinion only as a point to consider.

    I have had conversation with many “purist” conservatives in the past
    number of years who have an unrealistic ideal about the presidential
    candidate they would like to vote for. These conservatives seem to
    have the idea that the only candidate who is worth their vote must
    fulfill a very high threshold of criteria. Otherwise, to vote for that
    person would be the unpardonable sin.

    Then there is another self-righteous purist conservative movement,
    that has been around for a while, that has deemed the country

    They have rendered judgement and handed down a sentence of Death by
    Poor Leadership. This sentence is to be carried about by encouraging
    the vote to go for the far left candidates.

    Whoever would position themselves high and holy enough to render
    judgement upon an entire nation, the same nation in which they live,
    is arrogant to the point of delusions of grandeur. Doesn’t the bible
    say Judge not lest ye be Judged? God didn’t destroy Sodom and Gomorrah
    until Lot and his family were rescued.

    I don’t know who it was who was promoting the throwing of the country
    to the wolves, but if people want to burn down the house while they
    are still in it, go ahead.

    My wife and kids still live in this country, and my kids still have
    their whole lives ahead of them so I won’t be doing that.

    The below is my take on “not voting.”

    Any conservative who insists on writing in a candidate, or voting for
    a 3rd party candidate, or not voting at all because “their guy” didn’t
    get nominated, or because they don’t like the guy who did, is
    certifiably insane. That is because you are doing the same thing over
    and over again expecting different results.

    Any republican is better than any democrat. They could have nominated
    Romney again, or Cruz, or JEB. To a certain extent I do not care one
    bit WHO was nominated. This isn’t about Trump nor about Pence.

    This is war.

    The leftists pick an electable candidate. Any breathing democrat who
    they think can steal enough votes to get elected will get the

    They will then talk that person up. They will not EVER say one single
    solitary thing bad about that nominee. They will say that nominee’s
    poop does not stink.

    They will then proceed to VOTE for that nominee at LEAST once and also
    drag everyone they can to the polls to vote for the nominee.

    Why? Because they actually understand that this is a war.

    The stupid conservatives are the ones who DON’T understand that fact.

    If you are in a war and don’t understand that you ARE in a war you are
    going to LOSE every time.

    Vote for who you want to in the primary. DONATE to your favorite guy.
    PRAY that a good candidate gets nominated.

    BUT – once the primaries are over and there is a LEFTIST candidate and
    a NON-LEFTIST candidate –

    You only have two choices, and you had BETTER vote for the non-leftist.

    Otherwise you are a sucker, a fool, and a drooling moron.

    The drooling morons who DID NOT go and vote for Romney just because he
    had a few things about him they didn’t like handed this country over
    to 0bama for 4 more years.

    I HOPE those same people are not that stupid again.

    Sincerely and Respectfully,


  5. People who are addicted to a certain candidate hear dog whistles all day long. Frankly, I think few Trump supporters are addicted to him, they just like somebody standing up for principles they believe in.
    If Trump were to change his principles people would stop supporting him. Killary has no principles other than herself, 0bama had nothing but platitudes and was a blank slate people could project their wants onto. Their supporters are truly addicted. Which is why everything is a dog whistle to them.

  6. There are some things about Trump I don’t like….he’s not perfect.

    There is nothing I like about Clinton….she’s evil.

    My choice is simple. Not great. Simple…..

  7. I continue the thought that many paid Hillary (or Soros) lackeys are flooding the internet groups with the fuel to keep the #nevertrump idiots hearts burning with what is not and what will never be.

    The ONLY winner in their misguided effort is Hillary, progressive socialism and her criminal enterprise.

    The losers will be every citizen who desires increased freedom and the opportunity to live unencumbered by an ever growing BIG government beast, fed by corruption, higher Taxes, regulations and more liberty sucking power.

    Honestly, does anyone believe Hillary can make America Great Again by taking another giant step into the abyss of political correctness, anti-American rhetoric, open immigration, UN mandates, increased Social programs, corruption and federal Debt??
    Are the #nevertrump hangers-on that efing stupid?
    At this stage, those who remain are.

  8. so ted lovers how is ted different than hillary? seriously.
    they are both lawyers and both career politicians.
    just who got the usa in the mess it’s in?
    lawyers and career politicians that’s who.
    you ted cruz supporters are the definition of insanity.
    let a businessman do the job of conducting business and let the lawyers chase ambulances.
    idiots. all of you.

  9. Let’s cut through the crap cake, #NeverTrump wants, craves and works toward a Hillary victory.
    There are sites that breathlessly report any polling that shows a Hillary victory, and they do it with giddiness. BOOM!!! TRUTH BOMB!!!! HILLARY LEADING TRUMP BY 30 POINTS!!!! I’M CURRENTLY SPORTING AN ERECTION!!!
    I’m not an idiot, I can tell the difference between someone “with principles” who will not vote for Trump and someone that springs their head off the pillow looking for good news – BOOM!!!!!

    A Hillary victory will please them.
    A Trump victory will piss them off.

    The irony? While they say they are too principled to vote for a liar, they are very good at lying to themselves.

    You want Hillary to win. Admit it.
    Now look in the mirror and tell me about your principles.

  10. I’ve had people on both sides of Trump suggest things to me, things I should do, that will enhance viewership.
    I’ve had people leave the site, disgruntled about the way I’ve gone about the business of navigating this election season, saying they hope we lose all of our viewers.

    Yes, I want a bigger audience, and I think of ways to make the site interesting and entertaining and different, but it’s so that a bigger audience can be exposed to our unyielding philosophy.

  11. I was a Cruz backer too…even though I thought the odds were against him. He’s just not that likable to most people.
    (They think he’s Mr. Haney from Green Acres)
    It’s about time levin got over it. Maybe I can stand listening to him again now.

  12. Fur

    That….is the crux of the issue.

    You cannot abandon your beliefs, you principles, what truths you hold dear, to increase your audience.

    If you do, you succeed at making money but your credibility, honor and value are sacrificed on the altar of the almighty dollar……

  13. I think Trump should use his 1988 interview with Oprah Winfrey. Straightforward and truthful. He hasn’t changed a smidgen. Not a smidgen, except he was much younger back then.
    Yes, I too supported Ted Cruz but he lost the nomination. Get that?
    He lost the fucking nomination! Trump won. That’s why I’m voting for him. I am also aware that if Trump Jay-walked on 53rd and 5th, the media would be all over his ass. But if Killary shot Pope Francis on 5th Avenue the media would say it was self defense and have the LoFos believe it. That’s the way it is today. That’s why we need “extreme” change.

  14. I get depressed when I read people saying Trump is just reading off a teleprompter and either doesn’t believe what he is saying or doesn’t understand what he is saying.
    There are interviews with Trump, decades old, where he’s saying exactly what he’s saying today.

    I still fall back on certain challenges, and they seem to fall on deaf, defiant, stubborn, shitheaded ears.

    If Trump ran as a democrat and you tuned into the democratic debate and it was O’Malley, Clinton, Sanders and Trump up on the stage, you’re telling me you’d listen to Trump and you’d say, “this guy is worse than Hillary!!!”

    You’re a LIAR Mr. Principle.

    And all your lying is simply giving me the urge to put my steel-toed boot through the front of your goofy fucking face.

    People on the right who say Hillary is better than Trump have something seriously wrong with them.
    No, I’m serious here. THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH YOU.

  15. @Mr. Hat,

    Ms. Rand said it best for me…

    “I am interested in politics so that one day I will not have to be interested in politics.”

    … but woman cannot live on politics alone! I found your site after the one I frequented went full Cruztard and #NT. Blessing in disguise… I love the spunky discourse here. I’m having a ball!

    So, thanks for all you do to keep us informed, enlightened and entertained. 😘


  16. Great post, Fur. Anyone who is NeverTrump needs to go register as a democrat. Because that’s what they essentially are by turning their backs on the Republican nominee.
    And if Trump loses, ALL the blame is on them. And they, and their children and this country will suffer the consequences.

  17. Even poor “Reich Scoop/Right Poop”
    has has enough of the monster THEY
    HELPED CREATE (Frankenstein, anyone?!!)

    “Just fyi. If you have something substantive to say, totally fine.
    But if you are just gonna bash and trash the host because he agreed with Trump’s speech, then it’s best you just move on.”


  18. I made a comment over at the Hillary Must Be Right/Scoop: Look, Trump’s far from perfect,but, the choice should be a no brainer,which is helpful for you #Never Trumplestiltskins. And please, spare me your lame, “it’s all about principles” crap…if you think it’s OK for Hillary to be President, you have none. BOOM!! The “moderator” deleted my comment, & I got banned. But, not before several heads exploded. I used to like that website, too.

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