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Peggy Noonan Warns Trump is on “Palin Trajectory”

Noonan says:

At her height, in 2008, she had almost the entire Republican Party behind her, and was pushed forward most forcefully by those who went on to lead Never Trump. But in time she lost her place through antic statements, intellectual thinness and general strangeness.

I had an entire fisking planned. Then I decided to simply run a picture of Noonan, and then the one she runs on her byline.

Honesty might not be in her bag of tricks.

Her article relies heavily on Trump’s “approval ratings.”

Here’s how that works-

A: Continually write articles that say no sane person could ever back Trump.

B: Shame people into never admitting they support Trump.

C: Point to approval ratings.

That’s the extent of her bag of tricks.

Here’s the kicker in her latest bizarre hit piece.

Mr. Trump needs to build, not level. He needs a Republican House and Senate if for no other reason than one day Robert Mueller will file his report, and it will be leaked, and something will be in there because special counsels always get something. It is Republican majorities—the Republican establishment—that the president will need to help him.

Yeah, sure Noonan. Trump’s going to be impeached based on Mueller findings.

If I were you, while you’re busy hoping and wishing, you should wish that your dried up mug matched your byline pic.


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  1. This is how we got to where we are….the RINO establishment.
    Give the perpetually re-elected failures in the house and senate credit, if they had not been the colossal failures they are, we would not have a champion like President Trump.

    So thank you Establishment Swamp RINOs. Many of you that have informed voters, understand your days are numbered. If not in 2018, it will be 2020.

    So, Progressive democrats and RINOs, keep on, Keeping on, before long you will be so close to the wall you will be able to read it.

  2. There’s just one problem, Peggy. Palin was saddled with Maverick, and they lost. You establishment types chose to blame the loss on Palin, and you still refuse to see what a monumental mistake candidate McCain was, and what a bitter waste that Senator McCain is. All you Unipartiers were saying that Trump was a Palin repeat back in 2015, before he ran the table in 2016. You need to let go of your Palin woobie.

  3. This is why I need the help of professional pundits. Some things I just can’t think through:

    The current “Never Trump Club”, a decade ago, was the “Sarah Palin Fan Club”. And now, Sarah Palin is a “was famous” has been, guest of honoring at county fairs, and (maybe?, has already?) “fighting the good fight” on “Dancing With the Vaguely Familiar”.

    So? These are the people Donald Trump should court? For their “help”?

  4. Noonan’s deceptive 30-years-ago-maybe byline pic looks strikingly like… Sarah Palin.

    The actual shriveled, pushing-70ish Noonan looks like the elderly Gloria Steinem.

    Irrelevant Leftist hack, parroting her bosses’ assigned Leftist talking points du jour.
    in person, she makes Erickson look like an Intellect in comparison.

  5. I remember the lead-up to the 2008 election. I had a McCain-Palin sticker on the back window of my truck. I was so pissed at McCain, that I took a razor blade to the sticker, and removed his name, and left Palin’s. Awhile back I emailed McStain’s office and told the asshole I wish I could take back my 2008 vote.

  6. Yes, everyone who doesn’t agree with Trump (peace be upon Him!) completely, all the time, even when He changes His mind, is no better than a NeverTrumpster. Don’t you people get it, Trump is our Savior! Out Prophet! It is impossible by definition for Him to ever be wru-wru-wru-wrong! (sarcasm off)

    If the president ever does make a mistake (like granting amnesty, failing to build a wall, failing to stop total government control of health care, or anything else that reveals him to be another RINO), some of his supporters will have egg on their faces.

    Thank God that Trump has not made any major mistakes.

  7. taxpayer
    Have you forgot the radical lefty who ran against O in ’08?

    The “Manchurian candidate” is, and was , so liberal he made O seem moderate!
    O was bad, very bad! But McCoward would have been even worse!

  8. Too bad the aging Ms. Noonan can’t get access to those “thousand points of light” to aid her obviously failing eyesight in finding her way far, far deeper into that dank dark cave from which we might never have to hear from her again. Like the clintonbeast, she’s always there, yapping inanities.

  9. @TaxPAYER Why yes she did! However, Peggy’s “wet-for-Obama-panties” got all dry and crusty and chafed her back to reality about half way through O’s first term. She lost all her cred and nobody pays much attention to her anymore. Her writing reminds me of Molly Ivins’, both their stuff reads like a cat walked across her keyboard.

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