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Reaction To Ted Cruz’s Speech – Open Thread

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  1. He’s talking vaguely. He says we have to do what is right for our future, our children’s future.
    Isn’t it clear that the vision for our children is definitely not under Clinton?
    He’s making it clear that Obama and Obama 5.0 (Hillary)is not an option.
    So is he talking about waiting until 2020, or is the time now?
    If it’s now, the only viable alternative is Trump.
    So say it, or you’re just making a self-serving speech.

  2. Watching on C-SPAN. Trump made a pass through about 5 minutes into Ted’s speech. I think he was just reminding him that Trump was in the house, so keep your nose clean, son.

  3. “Vote your conscience” Uh oh, big boos from the floor with “We want Trump!” All hell is breaking loose.

    Cruz/snarc : “I appreciate the enthusiasm of the New York delegation.”

  4. Supreme Court Justice Ted Cruz. Don’t fight it, dude.

    (Cruz has that unfortunate face-sorry. As much as Levin screams he’s the embodiment of Reagan. Well, Reagan was a movie star in his day- just sayin.)

  5. 15 minutes of how Obama and Hillary are the demons that are not right for our country and he says he wants the GOP to prevail in November and he says, “don’t stay home….. go out and VOTE YOUR CONSCIENCE.”

    Total scumbag.

  6. What a total ass Cruz is. The whole day up ’til a few minutes ago was looking and sounding fabulous at the convention. You could see, after the earlier speakers today, that the mood had really shifted and gaining momentum toward a unified front.

    Cruz came in and acted like a drunk uncle at your Christmas dinner.

  7. Eating our own? Yeah, Nevertrump has been doing that all along.
    Not people like me who trump wasn’t our first choice but we are voting for him anyway to keep Hillary out or whatever reason. This was just tacky as hell on Cruz’s part.
    Very disappointing.

  8. Cruz in 2020?…..not for me. If he can’t be gracious enough to support the nominee given what’s at stake, he’s a petty, self indulging jackass……take that goofy laugh after every comment back to Texas Ted…..

  9. Chris Wallace

    “Why do people take an instant dislike to Ted Cruz”

    Answer – “To save so much time.”

    He is a scumbag.

    Decline the invitation to speak.
    You do not go to a man’s convention and tell voters to not stay home, go out and “vote your conscience.”

    That is scumbaggery.

    If Trump did that to Cruz they’d say he was a dick.

  10. Reagan said this in his speech … “We must go forth from here united, determined that what a great general said a few years ago is true: There is no substitute for victory, Mr. President.”

    … not exactly what the Cruzer said…

  11. I voted Cruz in Texas primary. I also liked Trump. I hated seeing the vitriol between the two of them, but I thought Cruz would be a bigger man than that. What a disappointment that speech was and i don’t believe he’ll ever recover from it. I know it changed my opinion of him.

  12. Sore loser Ted.
    I used to be a supporter but not now.
    He sunk his career with the party.
    There are not enough Cruz supporters to get him in office in 2020 or 2024.

  13. cruz is a narcissist.

    i have a feeling that a number of his supporters are seeing exactly who and what he is.

    he is a self serving ass.

    signed a very conservative Texan who will NEVER vote for this prick.


  14. Cruz has a Kasich complex…he has listened to Beck and Levin and his Cruz bots and ignored common sense … by thumbing his nose to his pledge, by being so petty and not taking the high road he just permanently turned off more voters than he gained. And Trump doesn’t forget so dream on about SCOTUS now.

  15. I didn’t watch it, and now won’t. The comments are depressing enough. What a waste of a brilliant mind. And how disrespectful a thing to do to Trump.
    Like BFH said, he could have just stayed home. If he’s doing this as payback, that is about as low as a politician can go.

    Sorry ass play.

  16. What a small man. Now I’m glad he lost the primary.
    Ted can’t even support a pledge he himself signed.
    His word is no good.
    Trump was right – “lying Ted”

  17. FFS, he went on and on about preserving freedom and he lobs a nice talking point into Hillary’s and LSM’s laps for the next month.
    Why even show up? To stick a finger in Trump’s eye? Tacky.

  18. BFH
    No, he did not. He was speaking to his followers. Telling them to take a hard look at the situation and do what is right.
    No, he didn’t tell them what to do, that has never been his style.
    He trusts them to look past anger and frustration and do the right thing.
    He did Trump a major favor by speaking to his people rather than Trumps. He could have done a throw away speech commending those who brought Trump there, and I suspect you would have applauded it even though it would have pushed another voting block away from Trump.
    Cruz cares about this country.
    Those who hate everything but Trump don’t.

  19. John, you’re delusional.

    You may have thought that was a cool move. It wasn’t. It was total scumbaggery, and the only people thinking it was a great move are the assholes who are willing to vote for Hillary just to see Trump lose.

  20. I thought for sure Cruz was going to do the right thing when he told people not to stay home in November. He inched up to the edge and then crapped the sheets. I just don’t understand why he had to do that. Sure, Trump went after his wife and his father. But for Pete’s sake, he went on about the people from the church in Charleston who forgave a murderer! Couldn’t he have shown some of that kind of forgiveness himself and mended fences? I’m disappointed in him.

  21. Cruz did this to disminish Eric Trump, who was up next.
    He took all of the air out of the room, Cruz is a never Trumper. I hope he gets defeated in the next election.
    After tonight his name needs to be compared to Chamberlain, he just betrayed us.

  22. My parents in Ohio think Kasich is behaving like a child. His extended primary tour cost taxpayers 4 million dollars in extra security. Now, they hope Kasich gets primaried if he runs for Gov again. They don’t like him now. Dad, now, is ticked off beyond words over what Cruz just did.

  23. Trump went after his family publicly. Trump is already watering down his prior policy positions. Cruz is an actual conservative. BFH, if you don’t get the demographic reality you’ve permitted to come to pass over these last decades and understand that it is too little too late with DJT, you’ll get it soon. His probability of winning is very low. Very. Low. Why sink with the ship? I would vote from SMOD if I could, but will likely settle on GJ. In any case, Trump will humiliate you all on here before long. Mark my words.

  24. I think Newt killed Ted Cruz’s career.
    His redirect was sarcastic and showed how Cruz contradicted himself in his own speech.
    Where is Trump not upholding the constitution?
    So why tell people to go out and “vote your conscience” which is a dog whistle to the #NeverTrump shitstains?

  25. Jethro — He did what really good statesmen do, he “took the lumps out”, gave no credit to a discredited Cruz, and segued smoothly into why a clear conscience will vote for Trump.

  26. What pisses me off the most is that Ly’in Ted has made most people miss what was the next two speaches after him, again he is a self serving asshole. May he rot in hell.

  27. Trump went after his family publicly.

    >> So Cruz showed up to get his revenge?

    Trump is already watering down his prior policy positions.

    >>Alert me when they are anywhere need Hillary’s progressive policies.
    Alert me when Trump’s policies are anywhere near left of center.

    Cruz is an actual conservative.

    >> Cruz is a globalist.

    BFH, if you don’t get the demographic reality you’ve permitted to come to pass over these last decades and understand that it is too little too late with DJT, you’ll get it soon.

    >>No idea what this means.

    His probability of winning is very low. Very. Low.

    >> You don’t have access to the polls? You’re wrong. Very, very wrong.

    Why sink with the ship?

    >> Why jump ship and grease the skids for Hillary?

    I would vote from SMOD if I could, but will likely settle on GJ.

    >Know idea what you’re saying.

    In any case, Trump will humiliate you all on here before long. Mark my words.

    >> The only people humiliating themselves here are people allowing Hillary to win while they say they are conservatives.

  28. Despite the down-votes, no one has anything of substance to refute my comment. You know deep down the smart money and demographic reality make this impossible unless Hill Dog had been indicted. Fucking boomer cons NEVER held repubs feet to the fire after the Reagan amnesty… I don’t have standing, but if any one of you red blooded Americans wanted to put yourselves on the line, you have standing and should sue clinton on the basis of 18 USC 793(f). Some suppose the Clintons might have killed people for stuff like this, but if DoJ won’t bring charges, a US citizen could inquire with legal counsel to see if they have adequate standing to bring civil suit. That’s the best I can recommend for Trump.

  29. Right on FUR. Disable the TU’s and TD’s please. We have 8 year olds that have no integrity. Like Menderman who reportedly farts in the bath tub and bites at the bubbles.

  30. and I did it again in under 60 seconds. AA taught me that trick last night. If y’all want a site like that, y’all can have it. If you want true and honest discourse like iOTWr used to be, you would agree with me and have the idiotic thumbs down feature disabled. If not, enjoy a sycophant site without me.

  31. I won a contest here that won me a massive car magnet, for which I am forever grateful. My selection was between Cruz and Trump. I choose Cruz, since the other guy is a liberal. And I watched that liberal tear Cruz down where it hurts the most, his family. Specifically, his father and his wife.

    Normally, I would take umbrage at Cruz since the country is more important than one man’s family. A person who pledges themselves to public office must sacrifice family. Yet I have no idea how to imagine what it must be like to be in Cruz’s shoes. He didn’t just sacrifice, he was outright demagogued, early and often. Yes, it would have been better for him to help unify, yet would you be as gracious under the same circumstances?

    I will gladly vote for Trump later this year, despite his liberalism. Just as I would still gladly vote for Cruz any other year.

    And let’s make no mistake — other than his promise for a wall, he is a liberal. Donald Trump has talked plenty about a wall. The 9/11 hijackers didn’t cross any wall. And I don’t hear Donald Trump talking often about overstayed visas. Perhaps he has. Yet as the world’s first and foremost authority on the things that I know, I attest I haven’t heard him say anything about overstayed visas, which is where most illegal immigration stems from.

    Now go ahead and turn this post into Chinese.

  32. – Being for free markets used to make you a conservative. Now a globalist?
    – the polls right now are a) before the Bernie bros are in the fold b) in the immediate wake of the FBI presser on 793f c) before the MSM full court press on trump (which is starting with this convention) d) remember the issues with voter IDs and that illegals don’t tend to complete the census let alone participate in these polls ?
    – yes – the demographic reality is that conservatives are dying and we are replacing them with liberation theologist immigrants (i.e. big gubmint social welfare communitarians)
    – jump ship so you don’t have to say you sold out your wife and father for a massive loser come 2020
    – there is no positive argument for voting for trump, only to stop hillary; but if hillary has already mathematically won, then the game plan for 2018, 2020 must take precedent; forget those SCOTUS picks, they are already lost, think longer term; or pursue legal recourse against Clinton as I mentioned

  33. I have been listening to the speaches and have not gone back to read the comments, if anyone is trying to defend Cruz you need to just go out and vote for Killary.

  34. BFH, those crybabies still don’t get it. Just as well… the relentless winning would be way too much for them!

    As for Lyin’ Ted, what is it about signing an OATH to support the nominee, that he just can’t bring himself to honor?

  35. How can Trump win against Hillary when his people didn’t know what Cruz was going to say?

    Hillary will cream his ass in the debates if he doesn’t get his shit together.

    I DON’T want that but come on people, remove the rose colored glasses for one goddamn minute!

  36. Say what you will, but I admire Cruz’s integrity to not sell out to popular group think. True conservatives see that as being a solid individual.

    Having said that, I’m optimistic that a Trump-run America and a Trump-influenced military will be everything we, as Cruz supporters, thought we could achieve with a Cruz presidency.

    Personally, I think Trump has the winning formulae to bring this country back from where it has been going over the past 20 years. The best part is the anticipation of watching all the live-streaming video of those shit-eating muslims running for cover on battlefield earth once Trump revamps the rules of engagement at home and abroad.

    Because, fuck Hillary and by extension Socialism, Islamism, and One World Marxism.

  37. Menderman you asshole. Like I said, you’re the only piece of shit doing it. What are you 12? I see now why your so attracted to Cruz. I imagine I’ll be speaking Chineese soon. I’m not stooping to that level.

  38. BB, put down the booze. (and I know you are a big down twinkler, you have reduced scores to Chinese while drunk)
    Cruz was speaking to his people.
    He fucked up. he should have told them that you all don’t want them voting for Trump.
    They should stay home or vote for your gal.
    This site has been taken over by #nevertrump. The goal is now to chase anyone who wants to vote for him away.
    Now BB, do your down twinkle magic.

  39. I’d also like to make an addendum to my last comment:

    If Trump doesn’t win, Cruz will never live it down – not just in politics, but in American life. He’ll probably be blamed for casting doubt in the minds of millions of potential Trump voters by asking people to “vote their conscience”. His face and name will be reviled for years to come.

    This is how I can both admire, but be frustrated with Cruz at the same time.

  40. Yes indeed Charlie.
    Trump needed to mend the fences.
    Trump thinks he can win the general without any help?
    He thinks he can rely on disenchanted Bernie voters?

    Come on man, this site has so many smart people that comment, yet it seems like everyone is just being delusional.
    Wow. Look at the electoral map.
    Tough road to hoe.
    Trump is making dumb mistakes, early and often.

    The Clinton machine, is indeed a machine!

  41. Good point C.Stephen Tucker.
    Some prick bastard gives me a nickname like lyin Ted and then wants an endorsement?
    How about DumbFuck Trump?
    Any dumbass that thinks they can treat people so horribly and then expect support?
    THAT is indeed a dumbass!

  42. ….and for those who don’t understand that much of this is all bread & circuses for the masses, stop to understand that both Trump and the Republican National Convention KNEW and APPROVED what Cruz was going to say before he said it on stage.

  43. Well Ted….you just ended your political career. You are just another republican establishment yes man and no real conservative will ever support you for president. Go back to Canada!

  44. Many Fanning old sparks to ignite divisiveness.
    You know the house divided bullshit, Lincoln talked about.

    As recommended, I will vote my conscience, like I needed to be told that ….and it will be Trump. If fence sitters, from any avenue of thought or support, vote otherwise you have grasped the rope that will be ringing this nation’s death knell.

    If you have no conscience, think of our future generations, do the “right” thing give them a chance to enjoy the liberties and freedoms we’ve enjoyed. Vote Trump.

  45. Tsunami, Not true. Trump mandated say what they want. First time ever. FOX covered it tonight (in amazement). Trumps a very confident man. He bitch slapped Cruz all the way through the primaries. Let him hang himself, and he did. Most hose boos by the way we’re wearing cowboy hats.

  46. I can see this year is NOT going to end well. We have too many hateful commie gimme free shit slugs on one side that will do whatever it takes to steal an election from the other side that has too many thin skin butt hurt “Patriots” that would roll over for the libs before backing someone they don’t like.

    I’m just gonna say FUCK IT wake me up when the shooting starts!

  47. Cato, don’t you know on this site you aren’t cool unless you are a Trump sycophant.
    I plan to vote Trump too, but that doesn’t mean I’ve succumbed to the Trump or else lobotomy.

    He needs to get focused if he is going to have a chance in November.
    He is letting Hillary paint him as a racist and hater every single day.
    Where the fuck are HIS TV ads?
    I see Hillary eight times a day.

  48. Hilarious.
    Chasing away potential voters for Trump by dissing Cruz.


    What’s this holding the country hostage to a Hillary presidency because of TED FUCKING CRUZ??
    Are you kidding me??

    What are you people, 12?

    There are two people in this race.
    Hillary and Trump.
    Who do you want to be president?

    That is it.
    That is it.
    That. IS . IT.

    You’re despicable.

  49. My take having not watched any of it.
    I don’t need to watch any of it.
    There are two choices right now Trump or Hillary.
    If it isn’t Trump, it will never be someone even remotely attached to the Constitution ever again.
    We have already seen the rule of law gone the past 7-8 years.

    Not electing Trump will make it better? How?

    This could be the last case for Republicans to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in our lifetime.
    It is that important and that’s the bottom line.

  50. Where’s Cruz’ grace in losing? In American politics, you embrace the winner of your party. If you don’t, you look like a schmuck and a poor loser. Schmucks and poor losers don’t make good Presidents even though they’ve been great legislators. Cruz is clearly out of his league. He needs to go back to work in the Senate where he shines.

  51. I remember the ‘TrusTed’ moniker during the primaries …. I did … I trusted Ted to be a man of his word. I thought he was bigger than that …. my bad

    … fool me twice, shame on me

  52. Gosh. WTF has happened to IOTW? I’ve read some amazing shit here over the last six months I never thought I would read here.

    You can be for Trump AND for Cruz. Imagine that!

    Would you consider going after Rodan at least as hard as you are going after Cruz? Since, you know, Cruz ain’t running and all, and she may have told way more lies, it might be more worthy of your efforts.

  53. You can be for Trump AND for Cruz. Imagine that!>>>

    No. No you can’t. Not in the context of this presidential election.
    How does Cruz factor into this presidential election at this point??

  54. Someone can check this: Katie Tur @ NBC tweeted: “Trump campaign expected Cruz to talk for 10 minutes. Cruz’ prepared remarks went 9 minutes. He spoke for 23.”

    It doesn’t take confirmation for me to know the characters of the people here who are defending Cruz. They can’t see just how wrong Cruz was to do what he did tonight.

    Am I surprised? Not in the least. It’s just the capper to everything I already figured out about him. I hope his lucrative career in politics started its end tonight. I don’t want him in my government.

  55. BFH – he does have a post-convention opportunity to change his mind, endorse Trump and campaign for him. That would be a sign of growing political maturity on his part.

  56. @mortalfish ~ the majority on IOTW realize that Trump is the ONLY ONE that can beat the Beast …. & if you are not for him, you are against him (plagiarizing W) … pesky flyswatter slaps against the ONLY PERSON THAT CAN DEFEAT THE HILDABEAST do not help …. they hinder
    .. & if you believe that Cruz, & his pack of sycophants, is being butthurt by comments on this site are worse than the Hitlary comments … you really need to get a grip & do better research here

  57. So what Loco? Reagan was too. We’ve all seen the videos of Trump at the R conventions in 80 and 84.

    please provide link proving he was a D when you say he was

  58. BTW, BFH, Cruz haters are haters for what? Some dem or rino to take his place? What has been the point of the MANY Trump fanatics here denigrating Cruz the past few months? It’s as if Cruz has been reading this site as he prepared his speech for tonight knowing that all the Trump supporters here want him to FOAD. What was their point?

  59. Doug Shoan (democrat pollster) just said that Hitlary will be using the Cruz ‘non-endorsement’ in upcoming ads

    Quisling Cruz just sealed his own fate

  60. i’ve seen those videos often, i think fur even had the videos posted here. I’ve read hundreds of times that he was one back a few decades but switched in the 80’s.

  61. I couldn’t give a rat’s royal red rosy rectum to hear about Pappy Cruz again, swimming from Cuba with Ben Franklin sewed in his underwear.

    Teddy, you’re a huge dick. Time to Heidi it. 🙁

  62. BFH, How long have you known about AA’s refresh game? You have told me many times here that my opinions are unwelcome based on the number of TU’s I get. Were you aware of what AA and her friends were doing?

  63. Try answering my questions before you ask your own.

    What is a Cruz supporter, lest a Texas native, supporting?

    What’s this phrase Cruz supporter mean at this point?

    Supporter for what?

  64. Look, this whole notion that Trump is the only one who can beat Hillary is pure fantasy. Even a flagrant violation of the law couldn’t get her indicted. She is not going to lose. Don’t sell out your principles for an obvious loss. And if you boomers want to tell me about my kids future, you could have acted at some point in the last point against democratic control of the schools, universities and other public institutions… At least a vote for the LP would get them in the debates for next time around if they crack the 15% threshold. Kudos to GJ for pandering hard to the Bernie Bros – deliberately trying to splinter democrats – not that our side was clever enough to figure it out that he is an ally…

  65. Molon:

    Ivanka’s campaign contributions have a more bipartisan bent. Records show she has donated over $240,000 to both Democrats and Republicans. Ivanka has given money to Schumer, Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J.,, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., Rep. Donald Norcross, D-N.J., District of Columbia Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton, and Hillary Clinton’s 2008 presidential bid. On the Republican side, Ivanka has given money to the presidential campaigns of Mitt Romney and Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. In 2010, Ivanka gave $2,000 to Carly Fiorina’s U.S. Senate campaign.

  66. I fully support Ted Cruz as an outstanding conservative Senator. His votes in that respect will be needed to help President Trump get his agenda passed in congress. I support his voting record. I support his agenda. I support his passion for a limited constitutional government. I support his record on cases he brought before the SCOTUS and won. Do you not?

  67. @gcon ~ no, I’m not fantasizing … I understand your ‘feeling’ that the election is rigged. I understand frustration about the process to no end … I also ‘feel it’ that the process is rigged, & my vote doesn’t count
    I also understand that you are butthurt that your pristine candidate could not garner enough support to win … I get it
    I also know that the only way I, as a citizen, can effect the outcome, is to vote for the only candidate that can defeat the Fascist DemocRats. Every effort I can undertake, from now on, is to their total defeat.
    … you go ahead & stand on your ‘principles’ …. smugness wears well on you evidently

  68. Judging by the responce at the convention tonight, and Texans here, I’m not seeing a lot of support for the egocentric Canadian Cuban. Whole new respect for Texans. He never did look to comfortable in those Justin boots did he.

  69. @loBloSalt ~ I corrected you on your comment about Trump’s children’s voting & you come back w/ a post on how one of Trump’s children bought political access?
    I’m sure your point is … something …
    (waiting for the comment about how Trump had Hitlary & Billary at his wedding … along w/ Rudy Guliani … only one of them spoke at the Republican Convention, btw)

  70. Molon, it is not news that the Trumps support the shady democrats.
    I could list pages of evidence.
    I thought everyone was aware what Trump really is on this site.
    Tonight proved me wrong.
    Tonight should worry the Trumpster sycophants even more.

  71. @LoBlo ~ no … we just realize that Raphael Theodore is NOT running for president … & it’s only Trump vs the Beast
    … apologies … thought you knew that

  72. ok, so let’s posit this question: You tell a man that you will hire him for a job, then he decides to talk to others about how ugly your wife is and that your whole family are crooks. @Brad: Are you still gonna hire him?

  73. You think your thumbs down here were the result of 4 or 5 people?


    I have had more than 4 or 5 people email me asking me to ban you, none of them being AA, BB, CoD.

    98% of the people on this site understand that it is Clinton or Trump in November.
    Your constant appearance on pro-Trump posts in order to, once again, lob in some self-serving speech about your principles not allowing you to vote for Trump is simply a drag.

    The daily update as to where you stood philosophically was becoming as annoying as the call to prayer.
    That is why you get thumbed down.
    That is why John S gets thumb down.

    We don’t have time for, nor do we care to hear, the daily whine about Trump not being Ted Cruz.

    Ya, we know. The people who are voting for Trump run the entire spectrum, from AA, who is a full-throated supporter who believes Trump has set an agenda that is as conservative as any candidate we’ve ever had -to people who will vote for Trump as a vote against Hillary.

    This has become the overall understanding of the vast majority of the people on this site.
    At this late date, the bitter clinging to Ted Cruz and the constant hand-wringing over Trump is old and stale.
    FACT – There is one of two people that is going to be president in November – Trump or Hillary.
    iOTWreport is supporting Trump and absolutely doing everything that can be done to prevent Hillary from being the president.

    You’ll get thumbs down when you walk against that tide.

    Go to the Right Scoop (a site that is PLUMMETING in viewership, by the way. Look at for the facts) if you want to be in an environment where like-minded folks openly advocate for a Hillary win.

    It’s not going to happen on this site.

  74. Menderman: “I fully support Ted Cruz as an outstanding conservative Senator. His votes in that respect will be needed to help President Trump get his agenda passed in congress. I support his voting record. I support his agenda. I support his passion for a limited constitutional government. I support his record on cases he brought before the SCOTUS and won. Do you not?”

    You support his voting record and his agenda? How can this action of his be defended? He’s a globalist.

    “Senator Ted Cruz’s statement that he “always opposed TPP” is incorrect. He and Representative Paul Ryan co-authored an April 21, 2015 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal (Putting Congress in Charge on Trade) in which they both supported fast-tracking TPP (the Trans Pacific Partnership). Cruz was also incorrect when he implied that TPA is separate from TPP. TPA (Trade Promotion Authority) was the “fast-track” bill that gave up Congress’s right to amend or filibuster TPP and which reduced the number of votes required to pass TPP from two thirds of the Senate to a simple majority in each chamber.

    Furthermore, Cruz’s op-ed with Representative Paul Ryan was itself deceptive, as my co-authors and I noted at the time here in American Thinker:

    Supporters of fast track are selling it with the same lies that were used to sell previous bad deals. In an April 22 commentary, Representative Paul Ryan and Senator Ted Cruz claimed that Fast Track would produce jobs by reducing America’s huge trade deficits. They are wrong, as the history of previous trade agreements shows. They wrote:

    The American worker can compete with anybody, if given a fair chance. If you add up all 20 countries that the U.S. has a trade agreement with, American manufacturers run a $50 billion trade surplus with them. The problem is that not all countries have a trade agreement with the U.S.: American manufacturers run a $500 billion trade deficit with those nations.

    Their $50-billion surplus number is deeply deceptive. It involves selecting some goods exports and imports while excluding others. A complete measure of the balance of trade for all goods indicates that the U.S. ran a deficit of 61.7 billion dollars in 2014 with our Free Trade Agreement (FTA) partners.

    Even worse, our trade deficits with the FTA partners got worse after the free trade agreements were negotiated. In the year prior to implementation of each FTA, our average deficit with each FTA partner was less than $0.8 billion. By 2014, our average deficit with each FTA partner was over $3 billion.

    Cruz did eventually vote against TPA, but his op-ed with Paul Ryan had already done the damage. It helped Ryan ram TPA through the House Ways and Means Committee, and it encouraged fellow senators to vote for it, thinking that they had their right flank covered.

    Senator Cruz made a mistake when he co-authored the op-ed with Ryan. The text of that op-ed suggests he was suckered by a misleading study. On Thursday, instead of saying that he had made a mistake, he compounded his mistake by pretending that it never happened.”

    from American Thinker:

  75. I just unsubscribed to Cruz’s Email solicitation for donations. Can you believe the balls on this guy! I left a blistering reply to his selfish, despicable antics. Yes, I actually supported him and donated to his campaign but this is too much and if this ends up helping Clinton im any way….aaargh…the bastid!

  76. This is why I posted the video of all the people saying emphatically that Trump was not going to win the primary.
    A video that Menderman whined about, by the way.

    Listen, you don’t know what you’re talking about, and you do it in such a self-assured way, which makes you sound silly.

    Your message:
    Trump can’t win, so don’t vote for him.

    I predict you’ll be Chinesed in no time, and Menderman will think it’s a vast Abigail Adams conspiracy.

  77. I fully support Ted Cruz as an outstanding conservative Senator.>>>

    That’s great.
    But he’s not running for anything this year.
    Do you throw your support to any other senator that is not running this year, or is the mouthwatering just for Ted?

    Don’t try and bullshit me. You can’t.
    When the idiots say they “support Ted” they are saying they support him for president in 2016.

    Let it gooooooooooo.
    That’s dead.

    If you’re supporting him for his 2020 run in 2016, that means you’re not really putting your effort into defeating Hillary.
    If that’s the case, fuck off.
    Leave the site.
    This site is about defeating Hillary THIS YEAR.

  78. Poor Rumpians are a little butt hurt tonight huh?>>
    I thought you said a Hillary presidency would give you a permanent pain in the ass?
    Do you want a permanent pain in the ass?

  79. My Goodness… I’ve never witnessed such butthurt over someone’s supported failed candidate as I’ve witnessed tonight
    … really … people actually whining about their boy not supporting the Winner of the party’s landslide candidate …
    fess up butthurt boys … you’d be right there alongside Brutus at the assassination, proclaiming your butthurt while professing your ‘virtue’
    “Oh, but we are trying to save the Republic!” … as you ‘virtuously’ stand by & watch it wither into Imperialism.

  80. Gosh. What are we doing besides helping kill conservatism?

    I want Trump to win in November. That path is through the destruction of Ted Cruz?

    John McStain, the only Republican involved with the Savings and Loan Scandal from the frickin 80s with laser beams, continues to ride his military bona fides to this day, despite having lost the 08 election.

    John McStain is not the enemy and Cruz is? Paul Ryan is not the enemy and Cruz is? Yertle the Turtle is not the enemy and Cruz is?

    How do these guys factor into this presidential election at this point?? …really? We’re going after Cruz, not them. Cruz is the true enemy. Really.

    I expected much better.

  81. Beck and Levin will likely praise Cruz.
    Why not?
    They have been Cruz supporters since day one.
    He didn’t let any of his true supporters down.

    He stuck to his principles and didn’t endorse a vile little man that eviscerated Cruz’s wife and father.

    He should have gone on stage and told Trump to go fuck himself.
    I would have, then dropped the mic…

  82. If you go to some of the more unhinged, rabid, Ted is the Savior sites, they explain their plan.
    – Hillary wins and then Cruz emerges in 2020.

    That’s quite a plan. Cruz couldn’t win the primary this year.
    I heard all about his fantastic ground game, his superior this and superior that, but he lost.
    When you concoct a bold gambit, one that involves allowing Hillary to win, shouldn’t one of the key parts of your plan be something that is a guarantee – like winning the primary in 2020?
    How is that not just a pipe dream like it was this year?

    I’m a pragmatist. You do the best you can do with the reality of what you’re facing.
    I think some are dealing in fantasy, yet I’m supposed to march with their plan.

    I like the plan of defeating Hillary this year as step one.

  83. This country won’t even be called America in 2020. You sure as hell won’t own any fire arms, have any medical care, and what money you do make will be sent directly to the Muzzies living next door. It’s now our never

  84. As a Cruz supporter I DON’T want him to run in 2020.
    I hope Trump is president then.
    I seriously doubt he will be though.
    Trump better step up his game or he will get shellacked.

    The Clinton Crime Family will likely have to suffer a fatality for the republicans to win.

  85. delegates were ‘delegated’ according to voter tallies … sorry that upsets you
    ..& btw, Trump garnered over 13.4 million vote in the primaries … more than any other republican candidate in history

  86. I agree that Cruz’s wife should never have been attacked for her looks. That was stupid.
    As for Cruz’s father?
    No comment.
    Do your own research.
    If you like Benny Hinn, and his faith healing ministries, you’ll like Raphael.

  87. Hypothetical Ted Cruz speech:

    “Ladies and Gentlemen, Donald J. Trump KICKED MY ASS in the primary campaign!”

    (Crowd roars…)

    “I’m here tonight to offer my full endorsement and support of Donald J. Trump for President of The United States.”

    (Crowd goes wild… Cruz is beaming, looking like someone you want to listen to…)

    “And let me tell you why!! …”

    (Party is united, drive-by media have nothing to talk about except the eventual death of the Democrat Party…)

    Didn’t happen. Proof the guy isn’t Presidential material right there. If you can’t be gracious at the moment of defeat, and with all that’s at stake for our country, then you’re nothing but a schmaltzy snot.

  88. Molon, I am happy for Trump.
    However, I don’t trust him to do the right things.
    I think he is running a campaign by the seat of his pants and may get beat bad.
    I am never Hillary way more than I am pro Trump.

    I plan to hold Trump accountable and not compromise my principles.
    What the hell is wrong with that?

  89. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are currently in way better positions to screw this country than Raphael Cruz is.

    If we were fortunate enough to enjoy a President Cruz… Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell would still be in a way better position to screw this country than Raphael Cruz would be.

    Respectfully, you could hang your hat on way better things, BFH.

    Look, as a Cruz guy, I admit he should have stayed out altogether instead of dither. Yet my testosterone count forces me to understand why he dithered. I bet Trump’s testosterone count understands just as well.

  90. Trump campaign knew what Cruz was going to do. Manafort couldn’t tell him not to speak when they got a copy of the speech, so they rode with it and let Cruz be Cruz. Perfection.

    I hope Mrs. EE, Mrs. Shapiro, Mrs. Levin and the wives of others keep sharp objects away from their husbands for the next 24 hours.

  91. crus is like the black knight on “The Holy Grail”.

    cruz is toast. his goose is cooked. stick a fork in him. he’s gone belly up. there is no coming back.

    Trump gave him all the rope he needed.

  92. Cruz’s “willful blindness” dishonors those of us who supported him at the outset but turned to Trump when he LOST the nomination.
    Geof C. Levin said tonight that he didn’t think Cruz would endorse Trump because Trump insulted his wife and father during the campaign. What? Are we children? The future of America is at stake here. 2020 will be too late assholes.

  93. I get people on this site wanting so bad for Trump to be THE guy.
    I do too. My logical brain tells me otherwise.

    Perhaps I am not drinking enough Trump tequila to join in on the coronation.
    I will try harder.
    The thing is, earlier today I defended Melania and Trump.
    I blasted Flake and Kasich.
    I also defend Ted Cruz because he did what he felt was right with his principles.
    It aint always so black and white.

  94. BFH,
    Someone uses a naked photo of my husband, I’ll use a bad photo of that person’s husband. Tit for Tat. So very thin skinned of Cruz. His father is fair game.

  95. Who’s the BIGGER MAN?
    Donald Trump for INVITING Ted Cruz and ALLOWING him to speak or Ted Cruz’s speech and BROKEN PLEDGE/PROMISE.
    Ted Cruz showed why he lost tonight. If he can’t keep a pledge what makes you think he’d keep campaign promises?
    I called him out for the typical politician fuck-head he is and I was right.
    FUCK TED CRUZ! He’s dead to me.

  96. @MolonLabe – obviously you missed my thing about using your legal standing to sue clinton for the USC violation. Intent doesn’t enter into 793f. And if the DoJ won’t prosecute, a US citizen with standing can. By drawing that process out toward November, you might buy Trump a chance. But if you think voting Trump alone is at this point going to make a difference, you are only fooling yourself.

    This isn’t smugness, it’s a sober assessment of the numbers. And it’s not conspiratorial thinking. Look, people in Toronto have recently been made to believe their city is now bigger than Chicago. Why? Because there’s a lot (maybe 1 million) of illegals who didn’t put their names down on the census. This is best estimated through school enrollments and county hospital utilization rates and few other proxy measures, but suffice it to say, Chicago is still bigger. What do you suppose those poll numbers are going to do when these folks are being bused in? When the chips are down, what do you think the Bernie Bros are going to do? It is in the democrats and media’s (BIRM) interest to make DJT look like a threat because it motivates and mobilizes the fractious left, but that doesn’t mean he has a real chance. It’s frustrating to know we’ve lost before the starting gun, and frankly I’m not really sure there’s much hope left for the country qua USA if existing political structures don’t change. The best I can see is not endorsing Trump to maintain a survival advantage in congress / senate to minimize the slow advance of the leftist agenda.

    Of course if Hillary does lose a trial… and if said trial gets a lot of the Clinton Cartel on the stand and exposes the depths of corruption across the Democratic leadership… then maybe we’re talking. But aside from lawfare, i don’t really see the political process as such providing conservative salvation.

  97. Quite a comment thread.

    So I see Fur now realizes that Cruz isn’t “one of our best” It was a little speech by a small man-he could have come out of this looking great but he choose to be an asshole, he couldn’t help himself.

    Like I said in another thread, I went from wholeheartedly endorsing Cruz to cringing every time I saw his lying face. There’ll have to be a Chuck Schemer clone running against him here in Texas before I would vote for him-in fact I bet he’s primaried out with his opponent using this speech in his ads.

    Good riddance.

  98. Went to bed early last night. Listened to speech this morning.


    Ted Cruz’s balls have gone missing. If you find them, please pack them in dry ice and send them to Reince Priebus, c/o Republican National Committee. Thank you.

    What a small, miserable, adolescent shitbucket.

  99. People are making excuses for Ted by bringing up Trump’s name calling, etc. Let’s not forget that Ted called Trump some pretty nasty things too. So that excuse doesn’t hold up. Ted should have stayed home if he couldn’t be more gracious.

  100. All the Cruz-sychophants and #NTers have let is the same as Leftists:
    lies, denial, and smears.


    TO Menderman

    I’ve been out until this morning; didn’t look at this thread until now.
    Haven’t posted until this morning.
    FWIW; I’ve never asked for you to be banned (and only infrequently give you TDs, your comments are usually too boring or void of thought for me), though once I *did* say “FU Menderman” to you after a particularly nasy remark you made.

    OTOH, trolls like “JohnS” DO deserve to be banned, as they do not exhibit LOGIC or REASON: in fact people like him not only DISTORT but INVERT facts and reason…PROJECTION is the last refuge of Leftists (…DARVO and all). I consider that poison for sites like this.

    DO consider spending more time at

  101. In baseball terms- how I felt watching CRYIN TED last night

    it was the bottom of the 9th, his team was down by a run with the base loaded. The manager took him off the bench and put him in to pinch hit 3-2 count, the crowd was cheering.

    Fast ball down the middle, and he intentionally watched it go by for a called strike three, to lose the game, out of spite for not being in the starting line up

  102. About that lame excuse that “Cruz was talking to his people”

    This was the time and place for rallying around THE Candidate.

    Cruz – ONCE AGAIN – self-servingly played HOLIER THAN THOU
    in an attempt to steal the spotlight
    which rightfully was won by Trump.

    May Cruz burn in Hell.

  103. WOW ! !
    The dissonance here is amazing !
    I was a Cruz supporter voted for him in the SC primary.
    As the primary ground on it became apparent to me that Cruz just doesn’t have the chops to be a world class politician. He may be fine for Texas in the Senate but he just doesn’t seem to have any charisma. Is there an opposite word for charisma?
    That is what Cruz has?
    Unlike Soreloserman, crazy cracker and others new to the woodshed getting spanked, I was able to move on and dance with the pretty girl.
    My Dog men, look at yourselves, the “other” is Hillary the lier.
    Grow up, put the long pants on, quit disgracing yourselves.
    You sound like your hero Cruz.

  104. Cruz committed political suicide with that speech.
    And it serves him right.
    What a slimeball.
    It’s good that this happened because he exposed himself as the self-serving weasel that he is.
    Good riddance.

  105. That display was ungentlemanly, petty and mean.
    When a man invites you dinner, you do not stay seated during the toasts.
    After dinner, you do not throw your elbow over the chair back an pick your teeth, and gripe how the Madeira was so much nicer over at so and so’s house
    Now I’m watching him equivocate on TV
    An ass of Biblical proportions

  106. Y’know… I really don’t blame Cruz at all for still resenting Trump. The greatest moment of the primary for me was when Cruz spoke out in defense of Trump and the others early on in the process when the biased “moderators” tried to disparage them all. I thought, “finally, they recognize the media is the real enemy and not each other”.
    I was so disappointed when Trump started attacking Cruz in a vile and personal way. All it did was play into the hands of the media all over again. I voted for Cruz in my own primary.
    The very moment it was over and Trump emerged the winner he graciously praised Cruz for being “a helluva competitor.” Likewise, Trump could have easily shut Cruz out of the entire convention but he asked him to speak.
    As I said, I do understand the resentment and wouldn’t have blamed Cruz if he said, “No thanks.”
    But if you’re gonna take the stage you damn well better be onboard at this point in my humble opinion. Cruz started out last night with tremendous sustained applause and good will but ultimately did nothing for the effort to stop Hillary or for himself last night. 2020 is too late. The time is now and we have to fight with the army we have, not some Fantasy Team.

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