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Turn About Is Fair Play

Watching a demonstration of the abilities of Hanson Robotics’ latest model “Sophia,” and thinking about what just happened in Brussels, I got a crazy idea.


Why don’t we buy a bunch of these things, load them up with C4, slap a burqa on them and send them into IS territory.

Heck, when the beast of IS learn that trying to rape these things is lethal, we can send in models that look like young boys and goats.

More on Sophia

After all, the robot did say it wanted to “destroy humans,” so maybe doing the same to Islamic sub-humans would be just as rewarding.

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  1. I read the story about the kidnapped priest they intend to CRUCIFY on Good Friday. I wonder if that imagery will be enough to make people fight back, hunt them down, and start slaughtering some of them. Not substituting robots…. real human beings… Will they stand up for themselves ? Will they rely upon themselves to finally act instead of falsely waiting for some defiant politician to do so? Now we are so cowardly we are reduced to the fantasy that the robots will save us??? Sad…

    The enemies of America are the media demons, the political whore thieves, the moslime filth, the deviant politically and socially active homosexual mafia, and the entire left.. They must all be held accountable.

  2. So voters from the cemetery aren’t enough, now Dems will have robots voting for them.

    I say we kill them on sight. Tell authorities it was coming right at you. You didn’t have a choice. Self defense.

  3. I would not favor filling an expensive android with explosives but would favor setting up the internal workings to insure that the rapist would NEVER try that again. Possibly inspired by the tune “Charlotte the Harlot”. Look it up yourselves.

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