1/6: What Did Pelosi Know? – IOTW Report

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  1. So let me get this straight, Jim Jordan is essentially saying,”Hey Nancy, you knew that a bunch of lawless Trump-supporting thugs was going to go to The Capitol and trash it but you did nothing to stop us”. I’m sure that will play really well with the Independents.

    Once again, in the game of chess, Pelosi is 3 moves ahead of everyone else ,”What’s a couple of roughed-up cops and broken windows in the scheme of things? Those dumb ass Trump supporters fell right into our trap. The optics they provided us on that day will give us ammunition for the next 3 presidential election cycles”.

  2. Optics are one thing, but the truth is something else.

    Everybody damn well understands that Trump supporters don’t behave like those jackasses did on Jan 6th. Most likely Antifa & BLM types dressed as Trump supporters did all that.

    I hope Pelosi and the other nefarious fucktards all receive the fountain of youth shot and then get life convictions in the near future.

    That would be epic. An eternity in prison to eventually go mentally insane for the crimes committed during their lifetime.

  3. Worse than anything Pelousy has ever done is that the entire House merrily went along with her for YEARS.
    They are all worse than shit and the country is past due for a diaper change.
    And all those treasonous GOPe Senate leaders should be buried up to their necks in the desert as scorpion feed.

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