1 in 5 electric vehicle owners in California switched back to gas because charging is a hassle

In roughly three minutes, you can fill the gas tank of a Ford Mustang and have enough range to go about 300 miles with its V8 engine.

But on a recent 200-mile trip from Boston to New York in the Mustang’s electric Mach-E variant, Axios’ Dan Primack said he felt “panic” as his battery level dipped below 23% while searching for a compatible charger to complete his trip.

“I was assured that this might be one of the country’s easiest EV routes,” Primack wrote. “Those assurances were misplaced.”

For Bloomberg automotive analyst Kevin Tynan, an hour plugged into his household outlet gave the Mach-E just three miles of range.

“Overnight, we’re looking at 36 miles of range,” he told Insider. “Before I gave it back to Ford, because I wanted to give it back full, I drove it to the office and plugged in at the charger we have there.” more

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  1. Look for this story to be banned by the social media overlords.
    – Like that book about sex change regrets

  2. “…you can fill the gas tank of a Ford Mustang and have enough range to go about 300 miles with its V8 engine.”
    Not mine. Hehehehe.
    (’69 Mach 1 351)

  3. “Mustang’s electric Mach-E variant”
    This will be Ford’s worst ever business decision. Worse than the Edsel.
    It’s a four door, electric SUV – Everything a Mustang should not be.

  4. Jethro, miss my 69. Not a Mach1 but in my opinion the best driver cockpit ever designed. Felt like you were putting it on rather than sitting in it.

  5. I have never had any desire to be a slave to my vehicle. I want them to serve me, not the other way around. I’m kind of funny that way.

  6. The coal chute is where the gas filler tube use to be located except it’s bigger and feeds into the trunk of that electric abomination. Man, I’d hate to be the guy who has to constantly clean out the clinkers from the trunk.

  7. Ford’s new electric Woke Mustang is the stupidest idea they’ve ever had. NOBODY who drools over a ‘67 fastback wants a plug in that looks like a Mazda CX5. (And, no offense to Mazda. Mrs. Curtain has one.)

  8. Leave the “I’m holier than thou and have more money than brains” posturing to the Prius crowd.

  9. I reckon Chinsnack Joe is going to do a “Cash For Electric Clunkers” next, followed by an Affordable Car Act”.

    At least the fools can switch back, unlike with almost every other public/private boondoggle foisted on us. The road to socialist utopia is littered with wasted money, unintended consequences and unexpected problems. And yet I’m supposed to get that irreversible jab or else. I’ve seen this movie a hundred times. Hard Pass.

  10. @Different Tim
    “…putting it on…”
    More like pouring yourself into it. As I continue to age my back complains more as I enter and exit, but while I’m in it my brain says GO GO GO!
    The 16 year old hiding inside me comes out every time I fire it up.

  11. Ooopsie! Someone “misplaced” his “assurances” and the guy feelz “panic!” Oh, go suck your thumb in your “safe space” and take your “emotional support animal” with you.

    Unless we take back the Marxist-controlled skoolz there won’t be any Americans who know enough math to engineer a car that is truly independent of coal-fired electricity. As it is, we’ve got too many Americans who don’t know where their car’s charging stations get electricity or that the lithium and cobalt needed for batteries is owned mostly by the Chinese.

  12. I have a 17 Fusion Hybrid, it has been a reliable car to date it offers good fuel economy, full electric only works for city people that don’t travel.

  13. I just want to know what we do in South Florida when another Hurricane Wilma hits and electricity is out for weeks.

    Or merely an evacuation, e.g. Hurricane Andrew. In 2017, evacuating from Miami to Gainesville, bumper-to-bumper 13 hours, 300+ miles. People who needed fill-ups sat in lines for hours, adding to that. Think there will be enough charging stations?

    So many things wrong with electric vehicles.

  14. Once again, libtarded envirowhacoks find it difficult to actually live with the decisions they make for everyone else.

    Hybrid makes sense. Full on electric remains retarded. There’s a reason we switched from electric to gas over 100 years ago, back when common sense was a thing.

  15. All you need to do is haul a solar panel generator behind you and you can drive cross country for free.

  16. It’s going to be so much fun while I stand at the station for an hour at 2am while recharging on the south side of Chicago.

  17. “I was assured…”
    By who? A salesman trying to make a commission?
    Gullible fools like this are the biggest part of the reason we’re in a mess now.

  18. Irony – As far as stupid ideas go, the electric Woke Mustang may well be in competition with their electric pick-up truck that has a 1400lb battery that takes a small substation to recharge! If performance is why you want it, the first thing I would do is shave off 1,000lbs and use a 400lb battery… if I was dropping enough acid to buy the damn thing in the first place!

  19. … now I’m reading that the Lighting battery weighs 1800lbs – even better /s

    When the Go-Juice weighs 12 TIMES MORE than fossil fuel, it just ain’t making the case!

  20. If someone is looking for an idea to make a billion dollars, here is one. Create an inflatable “Tesla “ clone for Californians to park in their driveway to impress their neighbors. Meanwhile they can use their Suburbans hidden in the garage for real driving.

  21. If the car is painted green the chlorophyll will make your mileage increase.

    -The Car Guys, a long time ago

  22. I also drive a Hybrid Ford Fusion 2015, I have been very happy with it. Good mileage, doesn’t scream hybrid rides nice, 500 mile range to a tank of gas.
    Pure electric cars are an in town only item, the range is limited and electricity cost money too.

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