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2 Big Scandals Struck Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp This Week

Georgia’s governor was doing deals with globalists in Switzerland when Project Veritas uncovered CRT materials smuggled into Georgia’s schools.

Emerald Robinson: Georgia Governor Brian Kemp stumbled into two scandals this week that will have Republican voters enraged in his state.

The first scandal was entirely self-inflicted: Kemp could not resist an invitation to attend the World Economic Forum’s annual conference in Davos. Why would the supposedly conservative governor want to mix with the international globalists at their signature gathering in Switzerland? He went there to complain that he was not getting enough money from the federal government in Washington, apparently.

Was this panel a sufficient reason for Kemp to attend the WEF conference? A conservative journalist named Leo Hohmann explained why Brian Kemp was really in Davos better than anyone.

Some have suggested that Kemp might just be going to Davos to gather information on a fact-finding trip, but I’m not buying it. Kemp has always been a globalist. MORE

10 Comments on 2 Big Scandals Struck Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp This Week

  1. Just another piece of evidence that Kemp is a leftist at heart, probably with a bit of warmongering peppered throughout. May even be a pedo – who knows.

    Sure does explain election results in Georgia…

    There is one good thing about this twerp though – he did keep Abrams from taking his power.

  2. Human scum. The people of Georgia should have him hanged for treason. Davos should be nuked. The only answer is secession. It would dissolve the world-wide corruption and increase the standard of living

  3. Stacy “Tank” Abrams makes no excuses (the “press” defends her) for her ignorance, perfidies, thefts, and greed – she is a known nihilist – a known statist – a greedy, scheming, power-hungry lump of shit.
    Kemp, however, is the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing – he hides his lies, his perfidies, his greed, and his allegiance to Globaloneyism.

    You pays your money and you takes your chances.

    Like Salazar, Green, Crenshaw, &c. scumbags and RINOs.

    I guess the bottom line is that (in the present state of the Union) one doesn’t go into politics unless one is a completely amoral slime ball.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  4. “How had this happened? Well, the left-wing activist explained: because Brian Kemp “is such an idiot.” The governor and his education officials “have no clue” that CRT has been included in the curriculum that was just purchased from Teaching Lab.”

    My ass. The duplicitous son of a bitch was well aware of what the score is.

  5. I already knew Kemp was anything but a conservative and this is exactly why I had to hold my nose when voting for him…. just to keep Stacey Abrams out of office. They’re both disgusting, him only slightly less than her.


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