2 Thugs Try To Mug One of the Famed MMA Gracie Family – IOTW Report

2 Thugs Try To Mug One of the Famed MMA Gracie Family

Big mistake. The Gracies will probably take you, unarmed, in a knife fight. You might not do so well with a gun.

Renzo (he’s no Royce, but good enough) Gracie Issues a Little “Raccooning.”

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  1. Yeah Brad, ask my brother. Gymnastics “all around”, (wrestled one year, but not my bag.) but the left hook knocked out a tooth, and put him out cold. Don’t ever say, F**k You, and flip me off when I’m mad. I have however resisted that urge with 3 wives. One even had a right hook that hit me solid, and I merely said, so, what’s your point?. Current one. She never hit me again.,, well, not yet. 😉

  2. Answer me this: If you decide to park and walk past a two year old ratty ass Toyota with a dogbox in the bed and a half dozen treeing walkers sticking their head out the holes – wouldn’t that tip you off that there just might be a couple pretty hard assed rednecks with 22 pistols in the pockets of their Carhardt overalls somewhere inside the only store within a half mile that is open at that hour?

    ~15 years ago, I was coon hunting (just a coincidence) south of Olympia WA with a buddy Jerry, who is a lanky six foot four or six, with shoulders as wide as an Angus bull.

    We stopped in at a 24 hour store in Lacey on the way home at about three or four AM, like a Right Aid store, and I was in the back doing something when I heard a hellofa crash.

    Jerry had been shopping around for peroxide and mercurochrome. We had a bitch that got into a pork, and after pulling the quills out with a plier we wanted something to disinfect the wound sites. Pork quills are nasty but the infections they cause are really shitty. Dogs can’t lick their own face, even though their buddies do try to help out.

    That being said, getting everything totally disinfected before it scabs over is a step in the right direction. This bitch had gotten tail whapped from stem to stern. What is more she was nursing three week old pups.

    Yea, hunting dogs will leave their pups to go hunting. They are totally programmed from conception till death to hunt… and good bitches are the most dialed in, IMHO.

    A man will hunt on the day his child is due, but not a woman. A bitch, on the other hand, will hunt if she has to take a break to drop a pup in the middle of a race. If you let her.

    Oh once the race is over, she is all about motherhood and will go looking for her stragglers, but to miss a race – ain’t gonna’ happen if she has a say in it. No way, no how.

    But I digress, Jerry noticed this guy in a hoodie come in and mill around a bit before he asked for cigarettes and then he pulled a knife on the cashier when she turned her back to him.

    Jerry had slipped up from behind because something “just didn’t seem right.” He bent down and picked up a gallon jug of windshield solvent or anti-freeze, I forget which, from a display and came from the two feet off the floor with a full roundhouse that caught the bastard in the jaw, full on from behind, and the blow lifted him four feet off the ground.

    When I got up front Jerry still had the bottle in his hand. He said the jug never even slowed down when it made contact and he followed it trough all the way back to where his swing started from.

    The guy he hit was in a heap, comatosed and laying twenty feet from where he was standing, in a puddle of blood three feet in diameter, making gurgling noises.

    The blow caved in everything on the right side of his face and almost tore head loose from his body. His right eye was all buggeered out and his jaw was torn completely apart and teeth and bone pieces were sticking out all over the place. The knife was stuck past the hilt in the acoustic ceiling tile fifty feet away.

    IIRC, the guy Jerry hit never regained consciousness for a week plus, spent months in the hospital and from what I know never was “right” after that.

    Ya’ know, I think that if Jerry had hit the guy with a paver I don’t think it would have done the damage that gallon jug did. It literally smashed every piece of bone in the right side of the idiot’s face.

    What is really weird is that all that made the paper was that an “unarmed customer subdued an armed robber.” It was only when I needed to take time off to go down to the Stae patrol office in Oly that people I worked with heard the whole story.

  3. Raccooning. Love it. If all thieves were Raccooned they’d be easier to spot. Seeing the thieves in elected office Raccooned would be especially rewarding. One is in the news now, that Reid fellah from Nevada.

    I’m undecided if this story would have been any funnier if told by Al Bundy, er , Ed O’Neill, who trains with the Gracie family.

    http://uproxx.com/tv/2012/09/ed-oneill-mma/ .

  4. JD, good story. We have covered a lot of the same ground. Did your buddy have any problems as a result? Anybody remember seeing UFC 1-12 or so? Royce Gracie fought in a few of those, he was great. Always smaller than his opponent, and he was like a machine in his ability to find a weakness and punish a guy. He was my favorite.

  5. He had to hire an attorney, on advice from a State Patrol captain. And there was a inquiry, but there never was any question really. I say that, but it wasn’t my ass that was on the line. IIRC, the store picked up the tab for the attorney. There was video too, but it really wasn’t all that great quality. I was hoping it would have Ben high def.

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