2020 Dem Debate lowlights

From Breitbart:

Gaffe: Joe Biden Gestures at Bernie Sanders When Referring to Vladimir Putin.

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Tuesday mistakenly gestured at Sen. Bernie Sanders when referring to Vladimir Putin, sparking laughter from the audience.

Fact Check: Julián Castro Falsely Claims Trump Is ‘Caging Kids’ While Freeing ISIS Terrorists.

“Think about how absurd it is that this president is caging kids on the border and effectively letting ISIS prisoners run free,” Castro said.

There has yet to be any evidence, though, to back up the accusation.

Fact Check: Impeachment-Driven Warren Falsely Claims Mueller Report Determined Trump Obstructed Justice.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) – in making the case for the impeachment inquiry against President Trump – falsely claimed on Tuesday that the Mueller report showed that the president obstructed justice, despite that the former special counsel made no such determination.

And the rest of the debate lowlights are here

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  1. If I could ask three questions this is what I would say:
    1 “By show of hands, which of you can string three honest words together to form a sentence?” “By the way, that’s a trick question, and any of you who raise your hands is obviously a liar.”
    2 “What in the name of all that is holy would make any of you idiots think you’re qualified to be POTUS? I know, Obama being elected makes it look as if anyone can be president, but that was a huge mistake and any of you would be also.”
    3 “Can you tell the American people why any of you should not only drop out of this race, but remove yourselves from public service forever?”

  2. Dem debate, condensed.

    “Communism, Communism, Communism. Hate Trump, free stuff, Communism.”

    “But Communism Communism Communism Hate Trump, free stuff SHOULD be Hate Trump, Communism, free stuff, Communism, Communism.”

    “MY Communism is better than YOUR Communism. And I hate Trump more!”

    “But I’m a Communist AND gay. And I hate Trump.”

    “Well, as a woman of color who hates Trump, I can say I hate Trump as a woman and love Communism as a woman.”

    “Why isn’t anyone talking about persecuting Christians? We need to persecute more Christians!”

    “Well, that’s just stupid, is why. Of COURSE we’re going to persecute more Christians, that’s PART of Communism! But don’t forget to hate Trump while you’re doing it, like my colleague here sometimes does…”

    “Hey Joe, is that Hillary in the wings?”

    (Producer) GO TO COMMERCIAL! We need to get Joe back. That wasn’t very nice…


    (Commercial for gay razors)

    I turn the TV off in disgust and leave the room, because I suddenly need to go clean my guns for some reason…

  3. Just think if all their brain power were condensed into one brain, they’d be able to dismantle the entire USA before midterms.

  4. Drudge featuring Buttplug on front page right now.

    And now we begin to get an idea of what caused the big switcheroony of Drudge.
    There is an open homosexual running. That’s it.

  5. @ecp October 16, 2019 at 9:17 am

    > if all their brain power were condensed into one brain, they’d be able to dismantle the entire USA before midterms

    So… um… Democrats really are the only “choice” for Americans?

  6. They all liked John Mc Cain He has two qualities the like to see in Republicans

    1) he was a traitor
    2) he’s dead


  7. seaoh, since I don’t do photoshop I don’t always consider that as a possibility. The circle of stars I believe was there, but still no American Flag.

  8. I don’t do photoshop either I have fallen for a few myself we all have. what makes that one good is that it’s believable

    I’ve learned to suspect photoshop when in doubt.

  9. joe6pak and seaoh, the person who posted it on Twitter admitted it was fake. Don’t know why she did it, but she said something about being satirical.

    And you’re right. It’s something I wouldn’t be surprised to see.

  10. Claudia, it’s not the first time, probably not the last, that I’ve been a sucker for photoshop. Oh well, I guess in my ignorance of photo manipulation I’m an easy mark. My wife on the other hand has been quite fluent with photoshop and as a result she doesn’t believe anything until it’s absolutely proven, then there is still a shadow of doubt.


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