250,000 Muslims violently riot in India after rumors that Muhammad was insulted

A rumor.

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PamelaGeller: Violent Muslim riots broke out yesterday across India because it is alleged that someone insulted Muhammad. Whether it happened or not is of little import. Just the rumor is enough. Time to crack heads, chop limbs and destroy towns and villages. And even if Moe was insulted, so what? Instead of condemning and denouncing such barbaric madness, political and media elites tell us we  to respect the hair-trigger sensitivity in the Muslim world.

About 25 vehicles, including some police vans, were set on fire. Policemen were beaten up but there was no severe injury. Shots were fired …

Once a kafir violates the sharia, any and all kafirs anywhere in the world become liable for punishment.

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7 Comments on 250,000 Muslims violently riot in India after rumors that Muhammad was insulted

  1. They tore apart a woman in Pakistan(?) last week (BFH has the video) over a rumor she mistreated a koran. Violent abuse and torture that finally killed her. A rumor.

  2. Back in the 50s and 60s Indians used to catch moslems, hog tie em, and set em on fire, just for fun.

    They didn’t need rumors or any other excuses.

    Seems they’ve lost their edge …

  3. Muslims have been this way for almost 1,000 years….nothing has changed, nor will it. ….this is their bread and camel penis specialty… Those who say Islam is peace loving, have not mentioned that Mohammed changed and his later teachings for violent overthrow supercedes his early instructions for peaceful coexistence…now it is destroy the non-muslims, decapitate them, force Sharia law world wide and keep killing until its done… the only solution is to destroy them all the way back to the roots in Iraq, Iran, and the middle east…then decimate those who infiltrated under Barky’s umbrella….

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