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27 Illegal Migrants Crammed in Horse Trailer

GP: Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) officers found 27 illegal migrants crammed inside a horse trailer Friday during a routine traffic stop in Hidalgo County.

When asked what was in the trailer, the driver, Jose Guadalupe Salinas, claimed that there were two horses — but warned the officers that they were “aggressive.”

After warning them, Salinas voluntarily opened the trailer and revealed the smuggled migrants who were “distressed and sweating profusely.”

Lieutenant Chris Olivarez posted a video of the traffic stop on X and wrote, “Troopers discovered 27 illegal immigrants crammed inside a storage area, distressed and sweating profusely. Three females were severely dehydrated and required medical attention due to extreme heat and no ventilation.” more here

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  1. José es muy estúpido. Who’s gonna believe that anyone in Texas would be hauling a trailer, in the sun, with two horses, and with no ventilation? I’m quite sure those DPS officers knew exactly what they were looking at when they were still a quarter mile away.

  2. To the libs, they’re nothing more than livestock to mow the lawns and be au pairs, so it’s appropriate transportation…..which is why we don’t hear any outrage from Streisand and her ilk

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