3 People Rescued by Unnamed Good Samaritan During Boat Fire in Alabama – IOTW Report

3 People Rescued by Unnamed Good Samaritan During Boat Fire in Alabama

Resist The Mainstream: Three people were rescued by an unnamed good Samaritan after a fire broke out on a sailboat in Alabama on Sunday afternoon.

NBC 15 reported the Coast Guard responded to a call about a 28-foot sailboat that caught fire around 3:00 p.m. near Gaillard Island in Mobile Bay while sailing from Dog River to Fairhope.

FOX 10 noted, “Heavy black smoke from the blaze could be seen from shore on both sides of Mobile Bay and was recorded by long-range cameras in downtown Mobile.”

The Coast Guard reportedly put out an Urgent Mariner Information Broadcast, leading a nearby “good Samaritan” to rescue the three-person crew after they deboarded into the water, per NBC 15.

NBC 15 noted that the three people arrived safely at a local mariner, and no injuries were reported as a result of the incident, though the boat itself reportedly sunk. more here

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  1. Always remember that the TRUE First Responder is the random person closest to the emergency, and act accordingly if it’s YOU.

    The battle is often lost or won before any guys in uniforms can show up.

    So remeber this unnamed Good Samaritan, and don’t be shy to step up if the situation presents itself.

    And maybe someday someone will do the same for YOU.

  2. A sailboat with a gasoline engine?
    I haven’t seen a gasoline engine in a sailboat in years, Universal Atomic 4 was popular years ago, Evinrude made one but neither have been made since the 80s.

  3. I was out on the Pax river in my Renken and spotted an SOS placard. The river had heavy traffic and they were speeding past or turning about to avoid the vessel. I was angered. Outraged. Offended.

    I drew alongside to find an elderly couple in straits. No engine. We thew a cable and towed to where he indicated.

    To this day this makes me sick to my boots that fellow boatmen would go around a stricken vessel. You who don’t heed the SOS are pukes of the highest water. You are subhuman refuse.


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