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YC: Someone apparently decided to call in a bomb threat to MacArthur High School, the educational institution the infamous “Muslim clock boy” — Ahmed Mohamed — attended, causing the school to evacuate.

Mohamed, as I’m sure you’re aware, brought a digital clock he “invented” into school in a pencil case, making it look a whole heck of a lot like a suitcase bomb, which led to his being taken to the principal’s office and then detained by police.

Not long after the story broke, the kid got an invite to the White House, a tour of Google, and tons of free tech gear.

Plenty of articles and videos have been made in the past weeks that reveal his “invention” was simply him moving the inside pieces from a digital clock into a pencil case. Hardly rocket science.

It was soon discovered Mohamed had a history of getting suspensions, lending more credibility to the theory that he may have orchestrated the whole clock event to get attention.  more here

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  1. Prediction: Clock disassembler Muzboy will be in jail on a violence-related charge before he’s 22.

    Remember, you read it here first.

  2. Isn’t the name Ahmed Mohamed a little redundant? Where are the Georges, Michaels, Bill, Bob, Johns, Geoffries etc. or any other Anglo names in pisslam? Oh that’s right they all have to be named after the phony baloney prophet and pedophile Mo or else.

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