36 thousand lbs of ground beef recalled due to hard plastic found in meat – IOTW Report

36 thousand lbs of ground beef recalled due to hard plastic found in meat

FOX: More than 30,000 pounds of ground beef were recalled Wednesday after a customer reported finding blue plastic pieces in the meat.

JBS USA, Inc., a food processing company based in Lenoir, N.C., announced it was recalling about 35,464 pounds of its ground beef because it could possibly contain extraneous materials, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service announced. The recalled meat was produced on March 22.

Officials said a consumer complained about finding “blue, hard plastic pieces” in one of the packages.

The meat were packaged under several labels, including Kroger, JBS and Laura’s Lean Beef. The packages have the establishment number “EST. 34176” inside the USDA mark of inspection. They were sent to distribution centers in Virginia and Indiana and later sold in stores.  read more

13 Comments on 36 thousand lbs of ground beef recalled due to hard plastic found in meat

  1. My burning question: Are there any carbs in the plastic?

  2. A better question is why is ground up cattle products being sent from North Carolina to Indiana?….I believe they raise some cattle in Indiana….

    Ya know, it’s a mysterious thing this beef process. I live where there are probably 100,000 cattle within 30 miles of me and beef prices are higher then hell…..weird ….

  3. I grind my own hamburger. Hamburger from steers I raise from calves. Calves from cows I’ve raised. I know EXACTLY what’s in my hamburger.

  4. Fred Meyer loves you from the roots of their tiny plastic hearts.

  5. How did the little blue plastic Smurfs get into the hamburger? Redacted, we did the same thing growing up, my dad and my uncle always raised a couple of cattle every yr. on my uncle’s farm that we would slaughter in the fall, it was the best meat ever. We even named the cows, one yr. they were Zeke and Zelda, so much for not naming your food but they were very good.

  6. @Plain Jane: My burning question: Are there any crabs in the plastic?

  7. Check the people who work at the processing plant because my guess is that some muzzies got hired and are producing HALA products.

    Those tainted practices got mixed up with beef meant for americans and WHAMO! you got sick americans because we have health standards that muzzies only dream of and that makes most of us vulnerable to their disgusting habits.

  8. Just remember, kids. Whenever you see my name in the news, it usually means that somebody, somewhere, decided to defecate in or near other people’s food. Best part is, you’ll likely never know it until I am well down your esophagus.

  9. Well paid USDA inspectors must have been at lunch or sleeping that day when all the plastic fell into the grinders.

    But they’re on top of it 2 weeks later after most of the hamburger has been consumed. NICE JOB USDA !

  10. Well, is it non-GMO and Gluten-free?
    Environmentally safe?

    Who can I sue? I smell a payoff.
    Where’s Jesse Jackson on this?
    Somehow, this has gotta be racist.

    izlamo delenda est …


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