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4.4 Miles: Wyoming Team Sets New Rifle Shot World Record


From the pull of the trigger, roughly 24 seconds elapsed before forward spotters heard the telltale plunk of a 422-grain copper bullet piercing the thin metal target.

The shooter was 4.4 miles away, a distance so great, the Earth’s rotation came into play.

It was a new world record for a rifle shot, set by the Jackson-based Nomad Rifleman team led by Schott Austin and Shepard Humphries. The shot was made with a custom-built rifle chambered for the .416 Barrett cartridge.

During a Zoom interview Tuesday with Cowboy State Daily, Humphries declined to identify the team member who made the shot.

It beat the team’s previous Wyoming state record of 3.06 miles. It also broke the previous world record shot of 4 miles set in 2020 by Paul Phillips of Texas.

The Wyoming team “had easier conditions” than Phillips because of the thin air at about 7,000 feet in elevation near Pinedale, where the shot was made Sept.13, Humphries said. more. h/t Brad.

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  1. Quite impressive!
    A friend of mine let me shoot his custom rifle (330 Win mag) at 1000 yards.
    It’s neat pulling the trigger and hearing the gun fire and then hearing the “ding” of the bullet hitting the metal target a second or so later. 24 seconds is a long time…

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  3. I’m not knowledgeable about ultra long distance shooting, but the article said they had to account for the earth’s rotation. Why not shoot West to East or East to West?

    I predict the record will be broken. On the moon.

  4. “it was nothing short of miraculous for the shot, the 69th attempt that morning, to land inside an 8-inch orange bullseye”

    Color me unimpressed. I used to belong to what was the International Varmint Hunters Club. About 1991 it was taken over by a guy and soon thereafter it devolved into this kind of meaningless garbage with 500, 600 up to IIRC 1,800 yard club awards being handed out. Do it on the first shot for record after however many sighting shots you want to take (or the first five shots) or it has absolutely no meaning.

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